The old mafia has been taken over by the land mafia. The matter is related to Nagar Panchayat Kharud in the district. Subodh Shukla, a citizen of Kharod, said that it was a common route for our village to go to Shivrinarayan, which was given on lease by the Tehsildar a few years ago, so that water conservation could be done in the village. In his summit, he has clearly ordered that the top of the pond should be lifted up so that rain water can be stopped. Currently land mafias have bought the land. Nagar Panchayat Kharod is keeping silence in this matter. The villagers have said that the people of the entire city will agitate and take extreme steps if the action is taken through the high officials. All its responsibility will be with the district administration. The information of the case has been given to the Tehsildar, SDM Pamgarh and the Collector.