As soon as the second lockdown is unlocked, the concessions being given by the government through the collectors have started to be misused. The speed of the corona infection has been reduced to a great extent by the coordinated efforts of the state government through doctors, paramedical staff and voluntary organizations, but people are taking illegal advantage of unlock as the market is open till 6 pm. Social distancing is being blown openly. There is a risk of re-infection if the social distancing and corona guidelines are violated. It is known that the state government’s health minister TS Singhdev himself had said publicly that the lockdown is not a solution to the problem. The way in which shops, private public institutions are being crowded by educated people in urban areas as compared to rural areas. Due to this, there is a risk of re-infection. The central and state governments are repeatedly giving clear explanations through the media that the speed of the corona has decreased. The threat of the third wave is still intact. According to some enlightened citizens of the city, in the case of violation of the Corona Guideline, the provisions in the Pandemic Act made the Chief Minister more stringent so that the negligence of some people could not cause the corona virus Kovid 19 epidemic to a large population.