Black fungus cases are increasing rapidly. Death figures are also increasing. Four new cases were reported in AIIMS in the capital on Friday. At the same time, six operations were performed. The total number of black fungus patients in AIIMS has risen to 124. 47 operations have been done. So far, around seven deaths and more than 150 cases of black fungus have been reported in the state.

Significantly, a 35-year-old youth of Patan has died. Symptoms of black fungus were found in the patient. He was undergoing treatment in a private hospital and preparations were being taken to AIIMS Raipur. By then, the young man died. At the same time, a case of black fungus has also come up in Kondagaon district. Has been admitted to a private hospital in Raipur. Here, the first case of black fungus has also been reported in Dhamtari district. The patient of black fungus has been referred to Raipur AIIMS.

According to the doctors, as long as the infection of the black fungus is detected in the eye, then the mind is reaching. There is no effect of the drug, surgery is done. Medicines are also not available according to the number of surgeries to be done. The relatives of the patient were wandering for the injection.