As per the instructions of Bhupesh Baghel, the team of Mineral Officers has become active in different parts of the state since the morning of 28 May. The team is involved in the investigation and overhaul of royalty slip misuse, overloading, lumps fine and other matters in the transportation of iron ore. The team of mineral officers has checked 105 vehicles engaged in transporting iron ore. Out of this, 11 vehicles have been seized and handed over to the police station of the concerned areas. During the investigation, a notice has been issued to the BSP for not getting information about the lumpus fine of the mine allotted to Bhilai Steel Plant in Balod district. The team of officers is engaged in various investigations in Kanker, Rajnandgaon, Balod, Jagdalpur, Dantewada and Raipur districts. According to the information received from the Department of Minerals, a team of mineral officers of various districts under the leadership of Joint Director Central Udanstad conducted intensive investigation. Geologists of the regional offices Bilaspur, Jadgalpur and Raipur have also been included in this team to check the grade of iron ore. The team has taken samples from 31 vehicles in Bhanupratappur area, 9 from Charama area, 10 from Jagdalpur, 14 on Raipur Dhamtari road, 5 from Siltra Raipur area and 7 in Rajnandgaon district. It has been sent to the Central Laboratory, Raipur for testing. The team of mineral officials also examined 30 vehicles transporting from NMDC in Dantewada and 6 vehicles in Jagdalpur railway siding area. In NMDC Bacheli area, the cross checking of quantity weighed by NMDC and transport tax from railway brinjal is in progress.
70 vehicles of iron ore transportation of various private companies approved in Kanker district were investigated. Of these, seven vehicles have been seized and handed over to the police for fear of overload, variation in lump fine and difference in grade of mineral. Notice was issued to Bhilai Steel Plant in Balod district for furnishing information related to Lumps Fine in the approved mine. In the investigation of iron ore being supplied to various plants in Silatra and Urla area of ​​Raipur district, 4 vehicles have been seized and handed over to the Urla police station for investigation. Thus, a total of 105 vehicles have been tested so far in the said districts. A total of 11 vehicles have been seized. The mineral authorities team is still under investigation.