Kharif crops will be cultivated in 2 lakh 19 thousand 480 hectares in Bemetara district this year. Last year, kharif crops were cultivated in 2 lakh 19 thousand 970 hectares. According to the intention of the state government, to provide maximum benefit to the farmers, the area under paddy will be reduced and the area under pulses and oilseeds crops will be increased. This year, pulses and oilseeds crops will be planted in 35 thousand 280 hectare, which will be 10 thousand 500 hectare more than the previous year. Last year, pulses-oilseed crops were cultivated in an area of ​​24 thousand 780 hectares. In the current Kharif season Bemetara district, it is proposed to take paddy crop in an area of ​​1 lakh 73 thousand 730 hectares, reducing the area under paddy by 12 thousand 990 hectares. Similarly, grains crops will be taken in the area of ​​1 lakh 76 thousand 750 hectare in the current Kharif season in the district including paddy, maize, sorghum, kodo-kutki and other minor.
Deputy Director Agriculture Mr. M.D. Maankar said that in Bemetara district, pulses will be planted in 5 thousand 670 hectare area and oilseeds will be planted in 29 thousand 610 hectare area in the current Kharif season. Compared to last year, the area under pulses will increase to 980 hectares and the area under oilseeds crops to 9 thousand 520 hectares. Fibrous and other crops will be planted in 7 thousand 450 hectare area in the district in the current kharif season, like the previous year. In view of the upcoming monsoon, the Agriculture Department is advising farmers to be ready to sow the crop. Considering the weather, the work of farming and farming will accelerate in the coming days and sowing of crops will also begin.