Bihar Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha appeals to people to help tackle Covid crisis

By Express News Service
PATNA: The Speaker of Bihar Legislative Assembly Vijay Kumar Sinha welcoming the decisions of PM Narendra Modi and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar for children orphaned by the Covid-19, said that decisions are historic in the national interest, which will always be remembered for reference.

He said that due to Corona, the decision of the Central and Bihar government will not only help in the upbringing of the lives of children orphaned by virus, rather it will help children to be responsible citizens and also helpful in their economic and social developments.

“This decision of the government shows a new ray of hope in every section of the society and it also strengthens the concept of public welfare,” Sinha said.

He also made an appeal to the legislators of state to come forward in the society and become the guardians of children orphaned and affected by the Covid pandemic.

“We all have the primary responsibility for their protection and proper development, especially of such needy children apart from the government’s appropriate decisions taken for them at the right time,” he said.  

“Therefore, the time has come that all the people’s representatives, including the MLAs, should step forward and play the role of guardian, assuring the orphaned children that the whole society, along with the government, is always standing with them collectively,” he added.  

He also stressed that it is the moral and social responsibility of everyone to ensure that the benefit of the declarations made by the government in the interest of children, reaches all such affected children. 

“If we can do this, then this will be a true tribute to the late parents of those children and the next generation will also be stronger,” said Sanjay Kumar Singh, deputy director of presse in the Bihar Legislative Assembly, quoting the speaker.