Efforts are constantly being made by the district administration for development by spreading government schemes in sensitive areas. Social workers play an important role in this. Accordingly, information regarding family living below poverty line of the area was given to collector Pushpendra Kumar Meena by social worker Prakash Bagde of Kedinar, a very sensitive area of ​​the district. According to the application, the said family was eligible for BPL card, but due to lack of specific information regarding the economic status of the family in the 2011 Socio Economic Census, they could not get the ration card. On receipt of the application, the Collector had directed the Food Officer for prompt action in this regard. On which information was obtained from the Gram Panchayat regarding the economic status of the family by establishing contact with the said family in collaboration with the social worker. After the recommendation of the Gram Panchayat, the food inspector Hitesh Manikpuri immediately issued the ration card in the name of the head of the family. Which was made available to the family soon with the help of a social worker so that the government can give them the benefit of various schemes and in view of the epidemic, a free ration of 02 months is being provided. So that the family can be maintained properly.
It is noteworthy that on the instructions of the Collector, efforts are being made to make available various schemes, giving priority to these vulnerable areas. For this, mobile teams are being sent to susceptible areas and their Aadhaar cards, ration cards, smart cards are being made. Along with this, health camps are also organized from time to time in these areas for the treatment of malnutrition and serious diseases. In these areas, the movement of rains in the rain is difficult due to the Barani drains flowing here, in view of this, the ration and other necessary materials are being distributed for distribution this year as well by the administration. In order to overcome malnutrition in children, under the scheme of Nutrition, the Nangat Pila program is also being run at a rapid pace.