The vaccination continued in the district amid the second wave of corona. National Child Health Program (RBSK), the team of Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) went from village to village to cure the people, succeeded in winning the trust of the people through public awareness, the result of which is now being seen in the district.

The Kovid investigation team of Bagicha block of the district has crossed the figure of 49000 (forty nine thousand) of the corona test sample and is going to reach the figure of 50 thousand. Obviously there was a battle as much as it was. The goal was that every suspect should be investigated, treated. Along with this, to ensure the treatment of patients up to isolation, Kovid centers, Kovid hospitals, and also to stop the infection through these means.

It is worth noting that till date the maximum testing has been done in the Garden Block, where according to the data of yesterday, 1 June, 49166 samples have been collected and tested. In which 3994 corona patients have been confirmed so far. Apart from this, if we talk about the investigation of other blocks of the district, then Jashpur 36792, Pathalgaon 35825, Kunkuri 32563, Kansabel 25302, Farsabhar 23109, Lodam 21606, Duldula 17815, Manora 14354 have been investigated.

Garden BMO Dr RN Dubey said that we have tried, and our team has also done a better job. There was confusion in the villages regarding Corona. People running away from the investigation were given advice. Inspired as well. The team made a halt in every infected area. With this effort, people also reached the testing centers, providing an environment, the investigation has reached close to 50 thousand. This investigation is taking us from Corona to victory. Today we have tried to keep the enthusiasm of our team working day and night, by cutting cake with them.