COVID-19 has brought unprecedented devastation and immense pain to almost every Indian family. It is sad that the Modi government has shied away from its responsibility to fight Corona and has left people on their own terms. The truth is that the BJP government at the Center is guilty of criminal mismanagement of COVID-19. Vaccination is the only protection in the raging COVID-19 pandemic. The Modi government’s vaccination strategy is a dangerous cocktail of colossal blunders. The BJP government has forgotten its duty to formulate a ‘vaccination plan’. The BJP government was blatantly oblivious to the ‘procurement of the vaccine’. The central government deliberately created a ‘digital divide’, which slowed down the process of vaccination. The central government deliberately colluded in creating ‘different price slabs’ i.e. fixed different prices for the same vaccine so that the common man could be looted in the disaster. While other countries started placing orders to buy the vaccine from May, 2020, the Modi government failed India in this. The central government placed the first order of the vaccine in January 2021. As per the information available on the public platform, the Modi government + state governments have ordered only 39 crore vaccine doses till date for a population of 140 crores.