Two museums to be linked via 1.5 km long tunnel in Patna

Express News Service
PATNA: Patna’s Bihar Museum will soon be connected with the historic Patna museum through an underground 1.5 km long passage. The underway will be designed and built in a unique way by exhibiting the art and culture of the state, including Madhubani paintings.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Thursday that safety arrangements inside the underground passage will be ensured while keeping its aesthetics. The CM held a review meeting on the passage with officials of the urban development department through videoconferencing.

Tickets for the passage would be available on either side of the tunnel. Visitors would be able to have glimpses of the artifacts and other things of antique value while inside the passage. “The interconnectivity between the two museums would facilitate easy understanding of Bihar’s glorious history,” said the CM.

Officials said the government was ready to spend Rs 150 crore for underground passage whose walls would serve as art galleries beautified with Madhubani paintings and various folk arts.