The checkpost of the Transport Department located on Ratanpur-Bilaspur road via Pendra to Kariyam is in the news these days due to illegal recovery. According to the broker, who has been brokering the officers and employees for a long time, the game of recovery is going on in the checkpost, due to which the driver along with the vehicle owner has become upset.

The whole matter is of newly formed district Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi district, where the RTO check post built on the road connecting Pendra to Bilaspur via Ratanpur has become a hub of illegal collection. To say, revenue to the department is also given by them, but it is not so, here only the pockets of officers and employees are filled. Every day thousands of vehicles plying on this road are recovered in the name of the employees and officers of the Transport Department, in which the receipt is given for less amount, but the money is recovered more than twice that. Everyone, the driver and owner of the vehicle passing through this route is troubled by them.

Talking to the drivers about the recovery at the check post, they told that wherever you come from, you do not have to pay any money. But if you go from Pendra to Ratanpur, then you cannot go ahead without paying money at the checkpost barrier of this transport department located in Kariyam. Some drivers are given a receipt here, while most people are illegally recovered without giving them a receipt.