When the raindrops fall on the earth/earth, our hair gets blown up, the earth smiles with joy and thanks God, but the current situation has forced the earth to sob, not to smile. The reason is clear that the work of damaging the unique and beautiful earth, which provides life and nourishment to the living beings, is at its peak, which is a major factor in natural disaster.

Man is forgetting that the earth is not from us, but we are from the earth. That is, if the earth exists, then we exist, otherwise we have no value. Human being is making a huge mistake by taking this thing out of his mind and ignoring it and human being is also suffering as a result of this. Every year about 21 lakh people die in the lap of death due to pollution around the world, despite knowing that we are constantly trying to play with the existence of the earth.

Overall, the Earth is threatened by mainly four things. The first is global warming: Experts are expressing fear that global warming has made the weather even more deadly and there is every possibility of significant changes in the weather in the coming years. Disasters like cyclone, heat wave, extreme rainfall and drought will become common. The temperature of the earth is balanced by the existing glaciers on the earth, but the changing environment has made it unbalanced.

The increase in temperature can be easily felt year after year. A few decades ago the temperature used to be 38 to 40 degree Celsius even when there was extreme heat, but now it has reached 50 to 55 degree Celsius. With the ever-increasing temperature, glaciers have started melting and the day is not far when the whole earth will be engulfed in deluge. The report of the United Nations Inter-Government Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirms that human activities are not responsible for the rising temperature and changing climate of the earth. So there is still time for us to recover in time.

Rising temperatures are not only causing climate change, but the amount of oxygen on Earth is also decreasing. Due to this, many diseases are increasing and the main reason for this is greenhouse gas, increasing human activities and continuously doing forests. Due to indiscriminate felling of trees and shrinking forests, the land is turning into barren and desert. If we talk about India itself, in the last nine years, 2.79 lakh hectares of forest area has been lost due to development, while the total forest area here is 6,90,899 square kilometers.