COVID-19: Maharashtra government issues five-level unlock plan to be followed from Monday

Express News Service
MUMBAI: The Maharashtra government issued unlock guidelines on Saturday. It will happen in five levels, depending the Covid-19 situation in different places.

In first the level, where positivity rate is under 5 per cent and oxygen bed occupancy less than 25 per cent, everything can reopen. Mumbai and Pune are not in this category yet.

There are 18 districts in Maharashtra fulfilling the first level criteria. As per the government order, essential and non-essential services, malls and entertainment arenas can start with immediate effect. Nagpur, with a positivity rate less than five per cent, can also return to normalcy.

For the second level, where positivity rate is under 5 per cent and oxygen bed occupancy is between 25 per cent and 40 per cent, the majority of restrictions are lifted, although certain activities are still not permitted. In these places, malls, restaurants, shopping centres and cinema halls will open with 50 per cent capacity. Sports activities are allowed with limited attendance and in limited periods. 

In level three, positivity rate has to be between 5 per cent and 10 per cent, with oxygen bed occupancy under 40 per cent. Shops in these places will be open till 4 pm. Malls and theatres will remain shut and restaurants can function with 50 per cent capacity up to 4 pm. Home delivery will continue, without time limits. Public and social gatherings with 50 per cent capacity will be allowed.

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— Sudhir Suryawanshi (@ss_suryawanshi) June 5, 2021

For level four, positivity should be between 10 to 20 per cent and oxygen bed occupancy should not be more than 60 per cent. In such places, public movement will be restricted after 5 pm, excluding essentials services. Essential shops will be open till 4 pm, while non-essential shops will be shut, along with malls and theatres. Restaurants will be allowed to deliver food. Social gatherings are not permitted. For weddings, only 25 people will be permitted to attend.

In level five, with positivity rate of more than 20 per cent and oxygen bed occupancy less than 75 per cent, there will be no movement except for essential work and medical emergency. Shops dealing in essential items will be open till 4 pm. Malls, restaurants and theatres will remain closed. Home delivery of food from restaurants will be allowed in these areas. However, there shall be absolutely no social or public gatherings.