Health facilities should be upgraded to face third wave of Covid-19: CM Thackeray

Express News Service
MUMBAI: Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray said that though the state government has decided to relax the lockdown by reopening every sector, people should follow COVID-19 protocol so the government will not be forced to roll back the unlock procedure.

Thackeray said that they are taking the calculated risk by reopening the economy, industrial sectors and entertainment sectors in a phase-wise manner. He said that this level of opening – from first to five model – is based on a scientific procedure.

“We have taken the health aspect and local infrastructure in consider while starting the unlocking procedure. We have not relaxed everything. We are opening the economy with certain terms and conditions. The local administration will take decisions of opening the non-essential sectors and other businesses,” Thackeray said.

“We should kill the snake (virus) and at the same time take precautions that the stick should not be also broken. The virus has spread speedily. Once things go out of hand, then it is very difficult for us to contain the spread of the virus. The lockdown has helped to break the chain of virus and contain the spread as well. If we would have not implemented lockdown, then the virus would have knocked us down,” said the chief minister.

He said that people should understand the gravity of the situations and conduct themselves. “We do not want lockdown and knockdown. Thus people should compulsorily use the mask, wash their hands regularly, sanitize them and avoid crowded places till the situation is better. The danger is not yet over and hence, we have to take precautions and preventions. Apart from vaccinations, work from home concept should be also be implemented,” Thackeray said.

Thackeray further added that the industry should function by following COVID-19 protocols strictly. “People who are working should stay close to work at work places only. Bio-bubble concept should be promoted as such measures will help to control the spread of the virus and at the same time help in continuing work as well,” Uddhav Thackeray said.