After the remaining compensation amount from Corona vaccination to GST, now there is a difference of opinion between the state and central government on the issue of DMF fund. While the ministers of the state government feel that the central government is discriminating against them on these issues due to being a Congress ruled state, on the other hand BJP leaders argue that after consultations from all the states, not just one state, these Steps have been taken.

In the program ‘Gadar’ of News 24 Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh, Sandeep Akhil directly questioned Urban Administration Minister Dr. Shiv Dahria and former Urban Administration Minister Amar Agarwal to know the opinion of the state government and the opposition BJP on these burning issues. On the issue of vaccination, Minister Dr. Shiv Dahria took a dig at the central government and said that vaccination is a national program, the responsibility of which has been left to the state governments instead of taking the responsibility of the central government in their own hands. Now even the state government is giving money, so it is not getting the vaccine. The central government has failed in vaccine policy.

At the same time, former minister Amar Agarwal argued that when the vaccination program was not done, when the state government had announced that the people of the entire state would be vaccinated for free. But there is Chhattisgarh government which is doing vaccination on the basis of BPL, which was stayed by the High Court. After this, the government ruined the vaccine by setting up separate camps for BPL-APL.
Regarding GST, Minister Shiv Dahria said that Congress ruled states were deliberately not included in the GST Council. Chhattisgarh has to get GST of Rs 1520 crore from the Center, but it is not to be received. The central government is talking about taking a loan from the bank. Modi government is betraying the people of Chhattisgarh. The Manmohan Singh government did not discriminate like this.