Agriculture Minister Ravindra Choubey said that the increased prices of chemical fertilizers and medicines have broken the back of the farmers. In Chhattisgarh only, there will be a dacoity of 300 crores in the pockets of the farmers. Although the central government had announced to reduce the price, but which has not been implemented yet. Due to this, the concern of the farmers still remains. They have not got any relief.

Agriculture Minister Choubey said that a letter was written to the Center to reduce the increased price of fertilizer. The decision of the central government in the interest of industrialists has put the farmers in trouble. The food medicine whose price has increased by 30 percent, its value has not come down yet. Due to the increase in food prices, the additional cost has increased by Rs 1500- 2 thousand per acre.

Ravindra Choubey said that I had expressed concern in view of the condition of the farmers in Chhattisgarh. The farmers of the whole of India are worried about inflation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased by Rs 30 per liter in diesel

It takes about 45-50 liters of diesel to cultivate one acre. If there is an increase of 30 rupees in one liter, then the acre has been increased by 15, hundred rupees.

As far as fertilizer is concerned, when there was an uproar, the industrialists were given money. 15 thousand crores which was done 1200-19 hundred rupees. Instructions have been given to reduce it, but the increase of up to 30 percent in other food and pharmaceutical fertilizers like potas, urea, single phosphate, NPK, gromo and mixed manure has not been reduced. In Chhattisgarh only, there will be a dacoity of 300 crores in the pockets of the farmers. From where will farmers bring this money, farmers are suffering from inflation, Prime Minister Modi ji should understand.