After coming to power in Chhattisgarh, the Congress government had decided to bear the expenses of 9th and 10th education of students registered in RTE. But since the announcement, private schools have not paid this amount till now. In two years, the amount given to private schools has reached about 10 crores.

10 crores of RTE scheme is yet to be given to private schools in Chhattisgarh. This amount is to be given to the schools for class 9th and 10th, but the school education department has withheld the payment for the last two years citing the treasury being empty.

In this matter, the president of Chhattisgarh Private School Association, Rajiv Gupta told that we had also talked to the operator, he said that a proposal has been sent to the state government. Due to the problem of money, the approval of the amount has not yet been received from the Finance Department.

It is worth noting that under RTE, free education is provided to the students from class I to VIII. In private schools, 25 percent seats are reserved for them. After the eighth, the situation had arisen in front of the students to leave the school. Therefore, it was decided that the state government would also take up the responsibility of further studies of the students admitted under RTE.