In the meeting of the Women and Child Development Department held in the Collectorate meeting on Monday, Collector Pushpendra Kumar Meena gave instructions to work under the ‘Nangat Pila Program’, Gram Panchayat wise new action plan to increase the level of nutrition in the district. In this meeting, the Collector selected 50 gram panchayats with the highest rate of malnutrition in the district and divided it project wise and set a target of nurturing them. For this, he asked all the officers to work on the Panchayat special action plan, paying special attention to these villages.
‘Five Star Anganwadi’ will be made to make the village malnutrition free
Under the well-nourished Gram Panchayat Action Plan, first of all, the Anganwadis located in those villages will be declared as ‘Five Star Anganwadi’, while nurturing malnourished children in such Gram Panchayats where the rate of malnutrition is low or there are no malnourished children, as well as Anganwadi workers of Five Star Anganwadis. Special awards will also be given to assistants and supervisors. Apart from this, after checking the level of malnutrition in other villages, stars will be provided to them on the basis of rating. In which five stars will be given to the Anganwadis with the lowest or zero malnutrition and one star will be given to the Anganwadis who are behind in the efforts to remove malnutrition. Based on this rating will be given to Anganwadis every month. The district administration will specially monitor the one star Anganwadis and will try to know the reasons for malnutrition in them and remove malnutrition.
Specialist will examine children every month
A team of specialist doctors will be appointed for monthly examination of malnourished children in the district. These doctors will examine the children once in a month by holding camps in the villages. Based on this investigation, the data of the children will be put on the mobile application being prepared by the district administration. This app will compare the data of malnutrition of children every month and observe the change in them. In this app, photos of children will also be taken every month and the data of each child will be available on this app.
Nutritious food of eggs, Kodo Kutki and Ragi will be fed to malnourished children.
After identifying the severely and moderately malnourished children, they will be fed boiled eggs or bananas 3 days a week by the Anganwadi worker at home to feed them nutritious food. According to the researches done by various experts, it has been found that Kodo Kutki provides more nutrition than normal cereals. In view of this, its khichdi will be fed to the children. Keeping in view the abundance of nutrients in Ragi, children will be fed its biscuits and other products.