Black fungus cases in India rise by 32% in 3 days, limited supply of key drug hampers fight

Express News Service
RAIPUR: With Mucormycosis infection cases rising on a daily basis in Chhattisgarh, private practitioners specialised in diagnosing and treating diseases of ear-nose-throat (ENT) took a decision to offer their services for free in government hospitals of the state. 

Raipur branch of Association of Otolaryngologist of India (AOI) has written to the state health secretary expressing their willingness and apprised about their unanimous decision taken at the behest of the Chhattisgarh unit of Indian Medical Association. 

“Everyone is worries over the rising cases of Mucormycosis and health professionals non government facilities are facing a tough challenge on ensuring speedier diagnosis and surgeries. The members of the AOI in Chhattisgarh have consented to provide their services in these hospitals. To begin with, the AOI has submitted to the state health secretary a list of 10 ENT surgeons who will collaborate with the government doctors to counter the new challenge that our public healthcare system is facing,” said Dr Rakesh Gupta, ENT surgeon and chairman of the Chhattisgarh Medical Board. 

The state has so far reported 276 cases of mucormycosis or black fungus and 17 deaths due to this deadly fungal infection.