The members made important suggestions in the meeting of the Task Force constituted to give suggestions to the State Planning Commission regarding health, nutrition and food security. In a meeting held today at Yojna Bhawan, Nava Raipur, Chairman of Task Force and Advisor to Chief Minister Rajesh Tiwari said that 14 Task Forces have been constituted by the State Planning Commission to provide practical suggestions and recommendations in the implementation of welfare schemes of the State Government. He said that the eminent subject experts, social workers, public representatives and departmental officers of the state and the country have been involved to give suggestions on matters related to health, nutrition and food security.
Shri Rajesh Tiwari advised to make maximum use of locally available nutritional material for health awareness and nutrition and to involve public representatives in improving primary health services, so that adequate achievement in the indicators of health, nutrition and food security of the state. can be obtained. He said that the suggestions and recommendations would be received by the Task Force and the Working Group constituted under the Task Force after examination, deep thought and deliberation. They will be consolidated and submitted to the State Planning Commission.
In the meeting, Task Force member Mr. Biraj Patnaik said that the health system and the economy are closely related. Describing the services of Mitanins as very necessary, he stressed on implementing their services continuously and effectively. Shri Patnaik advised to take necessary steps to strengthen health services to deal with the possible third wave of COVID-19. Task force member Dr. Dinesh Mishra stressed on efforts to be made to create awareness about access and acceptability of COVID vaccination. He also stressed on the need for making district wise programs in the health sector as per requirement and operation of blood banks at tehsil level.
Task Force member Dr. Rakesh Gupta advised to strengthen the health sector, fulfilling the need of infrastructure, human resource, technical skills on priority. He spoke about the need to include information in the primary school curriculum to bring about effective awareness in the field of health. In the meeting, member Dr. Sulakshana Nandi stressed on the need for free service delivery in the health sector and stressed on the need to strengthen the health service delivery system. In the meeting of Task Force, officials of Health Department, Food Department, Women and Child Development Department as convener gave information about departmental programs and plans through presentation.