INTERVIEW| Will ensure SC entrepreneurs come into mainstream: Union minister A Narayanaswamy

By Express News Service
A Narayanaswamy, who was inducted as Union Minister of State of Social Justice and Empowerment, told The New Indian Express in an interview that the focus of his ministry is to see the emergence of young entrepreneurs from SC and OBCs.

Here are the excerpts.

How do you describe SC entrepreneurship, which is gaining traction in the country?

The SC entrepreneurship and startup programme is funded by our ministry. We have to converge the resources of our ministry and commerce and industry department to implement the concept effectively. This is also to ensure that SC entrepreneurs too come to the mainstream.

Skill development for SCs and OBCs is imparted by your ministry. Are you satisfied with the way the programme has been implemented?

The programme is being implemented by our ministry through various government agencies in colleges and it is limited to some regions. It needs to be extended to the entire country as it helps provide hands-on training to the youth. Through its effective implementation, many youngsters will emerge as new age entrepreneurs.

Irrigation and water projects of Karnataka need the support of the Union Government, How are you taking this forward?

The interest of the State will be protected. The Upper Bhadra Project, which helps in making the Central Karnataka region green and increasing the groundwater levels, will be taken up on priority. Even with other water projects, like Yettinahole, Mekedatu and Mahadayi, the State’s interests will be taken care of. This is to ensure that Karnataka does not face water deficiency and the groundwater contamination reduces.

What are the projects you have planned for the development of your constituency?

My priority for my constituency will be to get a government medical college, speeding up the Tumakuru-Davangere direct railway line, to get the national project status to the Upper Bhadra irrigation project and industrialisation of the region.