High speed Supreme Court proceedings soon

By Express News Service
NEW DELHI: With the aim of ensuring transparency, the Supreme Court will soon be able to commence its operations for audio-video recording of court proceedings. Justice DY Chandrachud said the Supreme Court has already awarded the tender to a platform which will commence operations soon.

Justice Chandrachud also communicated that all judges of the Supreme Court are equipped with internet connections of 1000 MBPS speed to do away with disturbances, as these hearings demand a greater bandwidth. The judge added that there will also be back-up data connection.The remark came when the bench of Justices Chandrachud and Hrishikesh Roy reconvened after lunch but Justice Roy could not immediately join due to some technical glitch.

“We put out an all-India tender, the best players responded and they were all duly evaluated. It is not that these things were not looked at at all. Being the highest court in the country, we didn’t just pick any one. A technical committee was constituted to evaluate the bids and this was followed by a presentation of shortlisted bidders. The tender has been awarded and the work begun. The system is being stabilised and the Supreme Court is in the process of handing over everything to them,” said Justice Chandrachud, Chairman of the Supreme Court E-Committee. The Supreme Court is currently using the ‘Vidyo’ platform, which has often come under criticism for lack of user-friendliness.

Justice Chandrachud added that in the new software which is being put in place, the court will have the ability to mute participants, ensuring that there are no disturbances and everybody except for the advocates appearing in a matter is muted.