2.27 lakh pregnant women take Covid jabs in less than a month

Express News Service
NEW DELHI: Within a month of Covid vaccination opening for pregnant women, 2.27 lakh such beneficiaries have taken the shots and the highest of them have been from Tamil Nadu, the Centre said on Friday.

The Union Health Ministry, based on the recommendations by the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, had approved inoculations against coronavirus for all pregnant women starting July 2. It had said that pregnant women can opt for any available Covid vaccines at any point during the pregnancy. 

Over the last 4 weeks, Tamil Nadu has vaccinated 78,838 pregnant women, followed by Andhra Pradesh (34,228), Odisha (29,821), Madhya Pradesh (21,842), Kerala (18,423), and Karnataka (16,673), as per the data shared by the ministry. 

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The government said that allowing the vaccination of pregnant women was followed up by training of service providers and frontline health workers to equip them to counsel the pregnant women and their families during routine antenatal care about the importance of Covid vaccination during pregnancy. 

The states, the Centre added, further sensitized their vaccination teams in the government and private facilities on the need for Covid vaccination for this class of women. 

Studies in India and abroad have shown that Covid19 infection during pregnancy may result in rapid deterioration of health of pregnant women, escalating the increased risk of severe disease and it might affect the fetus too.

Pregnant women with infection are also at an increased risk for preterm birth and other adverse pregnancy outcomes including higher chances of neonatal morbidity. Additionally, the experts have also highlighted pre-existing comorbidities, advanced maternal age, and high body mass index as factors for severe Covid19 in pregnancy.

The government said that several initiatives have been taken by states to encourage pregnant women to opt for the vaccine, such as special vaccination sessions for pregnant women.