बस्तर के नक्सल प्रभावित क्षेत्रों की प्रशासन के पहुँच से बदल रही तस्वीर, सिलगेर और मिनपा क्षेत्र के ग्रामीणों का सुविधा शिविर में दिखा उत्साह, सुविधा शिविर से ग्रामीणों को मिल रही आधार कार्ड, राशन कार्ड, पेंशन आदि की सहूलियत

The administration has geared up to connect the tribal-dominated and Naxal-affected areas of Chhattisgarh with the main stream of development. Due to the initiative of the administration in the most sensitive areas of Sukma district, now the villagers are getting the benefits of the facilities of Aadhar card, ration card, pension registration etc. very easily. Many facilities are being provided to the villagers at one place by the district administration through facilitation camps in the villages located in the interior areas. Through this facility camp, villagers have been facilitated to take benefits of Aadhar card, ration card, Ayushman card including pension registration etc. Village administration should facilitate the villagers of nearby villages including Silger to make Aadhar card etc. A three-day camp has been organized in Sarkeguda, which will start from today and will continue till the coming days. In order to ensure that the villagers do not face any problem in commuting to the camp site, arrangements have been made by the administration for the arrangement of vehicles as well as food etc. was organized. In this camp, along with the susceptible Minpa, the surrounding villagers reached in large numbers. Villagers of Minpa, Almagunda, Dabbakonta, Duled, Chintagufa participated in the camp for making destitute pension, Aadhar card, Ayushman card, ration card etc. Through this camp 900 Aadhar cards, 568 ration cards and 570 Ayushman cards were made. In addition, 138 eligible beneficiaries were registered for pension payment. Be aware that the villagers of village Minpa and Silger had informed the administration about their problems. For the speedy resolution of this, facility camps are being set up in these areas. In the coming days, camps will also be organized in other villages, so that more and more villagers of the district can easily get Aadhar card, Ayushman card, ration card etc. and can take advantage of various government schemes. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading