कम बरसात के बीच नरवा बना किसानों के लिए संजीवनी

Under the state government’s ambitious scheme Suraji village, farmers have now started getting benefits at the ground level due to the protection and development of Narva. 17 farmers of 3 gram panchayats are getting benefited from the Narva conservation and development structures of Parsada Nala flowing under Kasdol development block of Balodabazar district, due to which this drain is proving like a Sanjeevani herb for the farmers in the midst of less rains. A total of 139 types of work have been identified in Parsada Nallah, which includes 10 brushwood checks, 1 luge boulder bund, 93 luge boulder check dam, 15 luge boulder gully plug, 10 staggered loose boulder bund and 10 gabions. Thus, 139 types of structures have been constructed in Parsada Nala under Narva Vikas. Due to the construction of this structure, double crop is being taken on about 48 acres of land by 17 farmers of 3 gram panchayats. Due to the construction of infrastructure in the drain, about 31.34 acres of irrigated area has increased in three gram panchayats. Palturam Mandavi, a resident of village Parsada, father Shivshankar Mandavi told that he is continuously doing vegetable garden work in his 1 acre farm and bari, in which Narva’s water is used by him. Due to this, Palturam Mandavi has got an average annual income of Rs 1 lakh in 2 years. Due to the construction of Narva development structure, the ground water level has increased on an average of 1.45 meters in all the three villages. It is noteworthy that Parsada Nala flows in the Vananchal area, about 22 km from the development block headquarters. The total length of this drain is 17 km, out of which 12 km in forest area and 5 km in revenue area. flows through. The expansion of the drain is in 3 gram panchayats namely Thakurdiya, Nandaniya and Parsada. The main objective of the selection of Parsada Nala is to increase the additional income of the farmers by doing the work of water conservation and promotion. In this, by conserving the flowing rain water, there is an increase in the ground water level and to increase the irrigated area of ​​the farmers. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading