Anil Ghanwat interview: 'Supreme Court should make our report on farm laws public'

Express News Service

MUMBAI: Anil Ghanwat, farmer leader and one of the members of the Supreme Court-constituted committee to study the Central farm laws, says it has been five months since the report was submitted but the top court is silent. Excerpts from the interview:

What should the government do to end the farmers’ agitation?The Supreme Court constituted a committee of experts and farmer leaders to study the agri laws and submit a comprehensive report that can end the deadlock between the farmers and government. we humbly requested the Supreme Court that the report should be made public so that the farmers and the government will get a clear picture and that may help to end this impasse.

So, the report will bring a solution and end the deadlock between the farmers and government?We are not claiming our report is 100 per cent right and it should be accepted in totality. 

What should the Supreme Court do now? The Supreme Court should make our report public. If they were not serious, then why did they constitute the committee in the first place? Why did we toil to prepare the report? Then, questions arise whether it was just a ‘drama’ to set up the committee, ask it to prepare the report and then put it in cold storage?

What is your view about the Kisan Mahapanchayat at Muzaffarnagar in UP?It is a good thing that the farmers have been continuously protesting to repeal the farm laws. If the’ movement takes a political turn, then it will lose steam.