‘Better to wait before judging new Taliban’

By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  India is ready to give time to the Taliban to stay true to its words before any judgement is made about their intentions, said a senior government functionary on Wednesday. 

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, he said, “As of now, the Taliban has said it will not interfere with Kashmir. So let’s not doubt their statement.” Replying to the question of the Taliban’s effect on Kashmir, the source added, “We are prepared to handle any situation in Kashmir. There have been the presence of foreign terrorists earlier also and we had successfully dealt with them.

Anas Haqqani had told the media last week that Kashmir is not part of its jurisdiction. But, within two days, Suhail Shaheen had said that as Muslims, the Taliban has rights to support Muslims in Kashmir or any other country. But Taliban leader Sher Muhammed Stanakzai had asked India to continue with its development and humanitarian activities.

The officer pointed out that if the Taliban has not changed from what it was 20 years back, then it will be a problem for the world and India. More than that it will be a problem for the women of Afghanistan.