कलेक्टर ने आयुष्मान कार्ड की एंट्री ना होने पर समय सीमा बैठक में आयुष्मान जिला कंसलटेंट को दिया नोटिस17 ग्राम सचिवों के कार्य पर अनुपस्थित होने पर अंतिम नोटिस हेतु कलेक्टर ने दिए निर्देश

The development works of the district were reviewed in the deadline meeting held under the chairmanship of Collector Pushpendra Kumar Meena on Tuesday. During this, he did Swami Atmanand English medium schools, recruitment of students, recruitment of teachers, building construction, community toilets, Gauthan management, construction of vermi tank, pasture development, Jal Jeevan Mission, livelihood works, dung purchase and works of Narva development. On this occasion, the Collector discussed the patients coming for treatment in the district hospital and all the hospitals of the district to follow the instructions given by the Principal Secretary for the entry of Ayushman card. Where, expressing dissatisfaction, the Collector issued a show cause notice to the Ayushman Consultant for not making 100% entry by the Ayushman District Consultant. It should be known that the government has been directed to ensure free treatment of every patient through Ayushman card and such patients who do not have Ayushman card available for making Ayushman card immediately in the institution itself. Due to not taking them seriously and absent in work, 17 village secretaries of the Panchayat Department have been sent a final notice and directed to sack them if they do not get a satisfactory answer. Out of these, 11 secretaries were not taking interest in the work and 6 were absent in the work for a long time, in view of which notice was sent to them by the department in the past. Notice: On this occasion, the Collector directed to get the Baderajpur Nutrition and Resource Center (NRC) completed soon and operate it through alternative arrangements till its completion, as well as taking stock of the preparations before the third wave of Corona, the status of vaccination. Discussed on staff recruitment, availability of equipment, testing status, availability of beds etc. During this, on being asked by the Collector regarding the under-construction building of Mardapal Community Health Center, the officials said that even after a year of almost completion, the work of the building has not been completed yet due to the apathy of the contractor. On which, while ordering strict action, the Collector issued a show cause notice against the contractor of the building construction and the officers of CGMSC for not completing the work for indifference to the work, while imposing monetary penalty to the contractor, while issuing a show cause notice to the contractor. Instructions to complete. Apart from this, he has also directed the officers to check the equipment installed for oxygen supply through engineer Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading