बीजोत्पादन प्रकिया और फल परिरक्षण की ली जानकारी

In Raipur district’s government seed multiplication farm, Bana, Chhattisgarh state’s Shakambari Board Chairman Shri Ramkumar Patel visited the field last day and while observing the horticulture development work conducted here, information about seed production process and fruit preservation related training was taken. He took a review meeting to review the progress and implementation of the schemes run under the Horticulture Department. He directed the field officers and employees of Horticulture Department to specially benefit the small and marginal farmers and implement the schemes smoothly by reaching the field. He said that the only goal should be to reach the benefits of the schemes of the department to the farmers of every category and to provide them technical guidance. In the meeting, Shkambari Board member Mr. Pawan Patel along with Deputy Director Garden Mr. Narayan Singh Lavatre, Assistant Director Garden Bana Mrs. Pooja Kashyap Sahu, Assistant Director Garden Chief Garden Mr. B. s. Parihar, Assistant Director Horticulture Fruit Preservation Shri Vinay Tripathi, Assistant Director Garden Shri Mithlesh Devangan and all other officers-employees were present. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading