सिंचाई सुविधाओं के विस्तार से खेतों की बुझी प्यास नहरों के जीर्णाेद्धार से सिंचाई सुविधाओं का बढ़ रहा दायरा

Chhattisgarh being an agricultural state, most of its activities are related to agriculture. The state government is also making every effort to strengthen its agriculture base. With the development of Narva, Garwa, Ghurwa, Bari under Suraji Gaon Yojana, irrigation potential is being expanded continuously to quench the thirst of the fields. For this, along with the renovation of old canals, canal lining works are being done, so that water can reach every field. In the Water Resources Division, Kanker, 12 irrigation schemes have been completed in the last two years, due to which 1585 hectare area has been re-irrigated. In the next one year, 17 schemes are to be renovated here and canal lining work is to be done. Out of these, 09 works are in progress, with its completion, irrigation deficiency will be met in two thousand 375 hectares. The state government has constructed 06 anicuts and stop dams under Kanker area with the aim of reaching the last mile of irrigation facilities in the fields. . Water Resources Department has completed the construction work of Dhangudra stop dam, Chhotekapasi stop dam, Markatola stop dam, Kasawahi stop dam, Ghoragaon stop dam and Nathiya Navagaon anicut here, which has expanded irrigation facility to 538 hectares. With the construction of these schemes, there has been an increase in ground water harvesting besides providing drinking water and nistar facilities to the villagers. Along with this, 06 schemes which were irrigating 1585 hectares less than their designed irrigation potential, their renovation and canal linings. The government has given administrative approval for the work. These include restoration of Sendarnala diversion and canal lining works, Mainkheda pond, Dokla pond, Halba diversion, Chawdi feeder pond and Dhorde pond and canal lining works. After all these renovations and canal lining, the lack of irrigation potential has been filled again. The wastage of water has also been stopped due to the lining work, as a result of which the water has started reaching the last end of the fields. The Executive Engineer, Water Resources Division, Kanker said that along with irrigation, the government is also focusing on flood control. To control the flood situation in Kanker city, the government has approved the Doodh river flood control work, under which the retaining wall construction work will be done on both sides of the river in the upstream of the stop dam constructed near the old bus stand of Kanker city. . Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading