विश्व अल्ज़ाइमर दिवस-

Jagdalpur 20 Sept. World Alzheimer’s Day is celebrated on 21 September every year around the world. This day is celebrated in the name of Alzheimer’s disease so that people can be made aware about it. Alzheimer’s is a type of mental disease. In simple language, forgetfulness is called Alzheimer’s disease. People suffering from this often forget even the smallest things. Forgetting to keep something somewhere, forgetting something that happened shortly before, etc. are the symptoms of this disorder. This disease often occurs in people after the age of 60. But in the present time the youth are also falling prey to it. In old age, the brain cells weaken and shrink, due to which the ability of the brain to work starts decreasing. Complex problems occurring in the brain are the cause of this disease. Apart from this, the condition of Alzheimer’s can also arise in head injury, viral infection and stroke. According to the 2011 census, there are about 16 crore elderly people (above 60 years) in the country. In such a situation, this situation can become more serious. For example, if a person forgets something he did 15 minutes ago or keeps wondering whether he did it or not, then he may be suffering from Alzheimer’s. Dr Rishabh Shaw, the nodal officer of the District Mental Health Program said, “Alzheimer’s disease mostly affects older adults. Alzheimer’s is known by different names according to age. When a person is affected by this disease under 65 years of age, it is called early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. To get control over the state of forgetfulness, it is necessary to stay physically healthy as well as keep yourself mentally healthy. Medicines are used to balance the brain cells. Consumption of drugs can improve the memory and understanding of patients. In Bastar district, on an average, 2 to 3 Alzheimer’s patients come to the hospital every month for treatment. In the treatment of such patients, along with medicine, counseling is needed for the patients and their families. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s include trouble sleeping at night, forgetting things kept very quickly, loss of eyesight, trouble with even small tasks, not being able to recognize family members, remembering anything, thinking and Impact on decision-making ability, living in depression, and fear Prevention from Alzheimer’s To avoid this disease, along with regular exercise, a nutrient-rich diet should be taken. One should meet people, so that there is no depression. If someone has already had this disease in the house, then it should be taken care of in advance. Learning power should be strengthened, such as reading books, spending time with friends and family. You can also listen to your favorite music to stay away from depression. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading