सौर ऊर्जा से धान और सब्जी की फसल से हो रही पर्याप्त आमदनी

September 20, 2021 / ‘Solar Sujala Yojana’ is being implemented to bring maximum agricultural land under irrigation facility without being dependent on the availability of power line and using solar accessible energy free of cost. One of the progressive farmers who do this includes Shri Arvind Lodhi, a farmer from village Kalai in Arang block of Raipur district. Shri Lodhi, who had been cultivating his ancestral land for many years, was completely dependent on rain. There was no permanent source of water in the vicinity of the village and no other means of irrigation. Due to this very little yield was being produced in the fields of Shri Lodhi. Despite having a good flat land of about 5 acres, farming had become a loss-making deal for him. He was producing only subsistence paddy from his cultivation. He tried many times to find many alternatives for irrigation, but every time the paucity of funds came in the way. In such difficult circumstances, the Solar Irrigation Scheme brought new happiness in the life of Shri Lodhi. He got information about solar irrigation scheme and grant from the officials. For this he applied to CREDA. After completing some necessary formalities, Mr. Lodhi was given 95 percent grant to install solar irrigation scheme equipment in his fields. Electricity was arranged through solar energy to irrigate their fields with government grant. Now they don’t need to worry about rain or water for their fields. Shri Lodhi now produces 25 to 30 quintals of paddy per acre. They take paddy in 3 acres in Rabi crop and vegetable crops in 2 acres. The vegetable crop provides a sustainable income for the household expenses throughout the year. Now they have got rid of water scarcity and lack of irrigation. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading