निःशुल्क कैंसर स्क्रीनिंग शिविर में 23 कैंसर मरीजों की हुई जांच

Free cancer screening camp was organized at NCD (Non Communicable Diseases) Maharani Hospital Jagdalpur for the control of cancer disease and relief of patients. Potential cancer patients were screened in the camp. Necessary counseling and treatment were given to the patients identified as having cancer after the test. On this occasion, Chemotherapy in-charge Dr. Rishabh Sao said, “23 patients took health benefits in the free cancer counseling camp organized at Sparsh Clinic of District Hospital Jagdalpur. During this, chemotherapy was given to 21 patients and radiotherapy to 2 patients. He told that when cells in the body start dividing abnormally and uncontrollably, then this condition can become cancerous. Due to misconceptions, people are hesitant to seek counselling, investigation and treatment. If the symptoms are not recognized, the problem becomes serious and takes the form of deadly and deadly cancer. Efforts will be made to organize such free camps in future also to remove the misconceptions and save the people of the district from the grave situation. The said cancer screening camp was organized following the COVID-19 guidelines.” Chemotherapy is already being provided to the patients suffering from cancer in the district under the longevity ward. Chemotherapy is a process that involves the use of one or more drugs to treat cancer. The aim of chemotherapy is to slow or stop the growth of cancer cells. Publicity was done by the Health Department to provide information to the people about the free cancer screening camp, along with necessary guidelines were issued to all the block medical officers of the district and all the district coordinators of the Mitanin program so that More and more people can get benefited by getting their tests done in these camps. On this occasion, cancer specialist Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar oncologist Delhi, Bhanwar Sharma (radiation oncologist Maharani Hospital Jagdalpur), chemotherapy in-charge Dr. Rishabh Sao served as technical expert. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading