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By Premendra Agrawal



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US Looks at Pakistan Post Musharraf; General Hyat Likely Successor; Divide Pakistan- says Paki Author. Discussion: Inauguration of Terrorists HQ on 2012 Olympic; Mole in PMO of Nehru: Baloch Freedom


US Looks at Pakistan Post Musharraf; General Hyat Likely Successor

"If Mr Musharraf were to fall to an assassin's bullet ... It is unlikely that there would be mass uprisings in Lahore and Karachi, or that a religious leader in the Taliban mould would rise to power," the New York Time said quoting American diplomatic and intelligence officials in Washington.

"Based on the succession plan, the vice chief of the army, Gen Ahsan Saleem Hyat, would take over as the leader of the army and Mohammedmian Soomro, an ex-banker, would become president," the report said


DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM” is actually the title of a book:

The book with a series of ads currently is promoting it on CNN. We can see the ad by visiting the author's website at:


About the Author
Syed Jamaluddin is an active writer on issues concerning Pakistan’s involvement in various terrorist activities in the South Asian region. He was forced to leave Pakistan after the military coup of General Musharraf in 1999. He liaised with political and religious parties of Pakistan as well as Government Agencies.


Writing about the division of Pakistan

Writing about the division of Pakistan to eliminate terrorism i by a Pakistani is more weighted than writing by us as Indian. My past articles of the previous year are exactly on the same theme on that this book is being written now by Syed Jamaluddin. So I hope we should co-operate the  author Mr. Jamaluddin get more exposure and more power.


Pakistan a heaven of terrorists

Pakistan is the only country for sponsoring terrorism all over the world and it is the country which is a heaven for the terrorists of the world. So it is certain that everyone except for the chinese have a hige stake in weakening pakistan. If India created some buffer states within the region known as pakistan, it would guarantee India's security. We have to take advantage of this!!!


My past articles of the previous year are exactly on the same theme on that this book is being written now by Syed Jamaluddin:


The main theme and aim of the book is: DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM. Please find the details of this theme in my article:

(1) Mole in Nehru’s Ministry & Baloch Bugti’s Murder


This book gives an indepth analysis about the role of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Tablighi Jamat which are involved in producing future

terrorists. The book provides specific information about the actual tactics of ISI and Tablighi Jamat and their strategy to disrupt the international peace in the name of Islamization of the world through holy war and martyrdom.

Please find the details of this theme in my following two articles:

(2) Terror of Tablighi jamaat

Inauguration of Terrorists HQ on 2012 Olympic


The book is an effort to provide an inside story of Pakistan and stories of its military dictators and religious cults who are busy day and night to commit corruption in the name of war-on-terror. The writer declares General Musharraf as a Terrorist-in-Uniform. On this theme please find the details in my following article:
Pakistan buried Akbar Bugti or his duplicate?


Inauguration of Terrorists HQ on 2012 Olympic

"Tablighi involvement in future terrorist activities at home (UK) and abroad are not a matter of conjecture; it is a tragic and definite certainty," M J Gohel said.


Abbey Mills Riverine Centre (AMRC) is drawing up plans for a giant mosque a £300 million project of Tablighi Jamaat that will hold 40,000 worshippers is being proposed beside the 2012 Olympic complex in Newham, London. Terrorist linked group wants to use it permanent HQ.


Newham Cllr Alan Craig of the Christian Peoples Alliance party repeated the claim that Tablighi Jamaat was linked to terrorism and demanded a public debate on the issue.


Mole in Nehru’s Ministry & Baloch Bugti’s Murder


Is Balochistan another Bangladesh? Is Bond of Religion stronger than bond of Patriotism?


Akbar Khan Bugti 'Tiger of Balochistan' 79-year-old with arthritis Sardar of more than 200,000 Bugti tribesmen now became Martyr of Baloch nationalism like Nauroz Khan before him. 96 year old Nauroz Khan himself died in Kholu prison in 1964, becoming another Baluch martyr. 

In 1971, at the height of the Bangladesh war, processions were taken out in Quetta in favour of independence for Balochistan. Slogans were raised praising Indira Gandhi and surprisingly, General Jagjit Singh Arora, who was perceived as the liberator of Bangladesh. The first revolt in the 1970s was ruthlessly put down by the Pakistani army led by General Tikka Khan, who earned the nickname of 'Butcher of Balochistan'.


Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun are India’s Genuine Friends

Jinnah fulfilled his demand of the Partition of India on the basis of his two-nation theory that the Hindus and the Muslims could not live together in the same nation. Jinnah's two-nation theory was supported by the Punjabi, Bengali and Sindhi Muslims, but not by the Pashtuns and the Balochs. The Pashtuns led by Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, who came to be known as the Frontier Gandhi, and the Balochs led by their tribal sardars, strongly opposed the policies of Jinnah and supported Gandhi.


While the Balochs and the Pashtuns opposed the creation of Pakistan, the Sindhis supported it and their leader the late G M Syed was a co-sponsor of the famous Lahore Resolution, calling for the creation of Pakistan. Even he got disillusioned by the post-1947 evolution of Pakistan as a nation dominated by the Punjabi Muslims. Before his death in the 1990s, he admitted that he had committed a Himalayan blunder by co-sponsoring the Lahore Resolution.


Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun nationalists are constitute the only genuine friends of India in Pakistani civil society


Who was mole in Nehru’s Ministry?

Please remember March 1946 and the incidents of after that. Khan of Kalat deputed Samad Khan — a member of the AICC — to plead Kalat’s case with the Congress leadership. But Pt.Nehru and Maulana Azad could not help him. Then, an AIR broadcast of March 27, 1948, reported a press conference by V.P. Menon, Secretary in the Ministry of States. It said Menon revealed that the Khan of Kalat was pressing India to accept Kalat’s accession, but that India would have nothing to do with it. The Khan was upset by this. He reportedly told Jinnah to begin negotiations for Kalat’s treaty with Pakistan. The Cabinet minutes of that meeting, as well as Nehru’s reply to a question on March 30, 1948, made clear that Menon was misquoted. But the damage had already been done.


Nehru acted against India’s Interest

Pt. Nehru acted on the advice of Sheikh Abullah against the interest of India to accept ceasefire on the winning stage and thus PoK came in the picture. Shoina Gandhi should participate in public debate on Gandhi and Gandhism. Leader should be known by his work instead of name.


The Balochs had stood by Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress Party during the independence struggle against the British. They had opposed the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan. If India had to be partitioned, they would have preferred an independent Balochistan. The Balochs were the closest to Gandhi's heart


There was a time when Jinnah could not set foot in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and Balochistan because of the strong local support to Gandhi and opposition to him


Chanaky needed

As his predecessors, Musharraf empowered Punjabis and the Mohajirs to marginalize the Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun nationalist. Now Nawaz Sharif a Punjabi former PM of Pakistan is also against his enemy number one.

Musharraf and other Pakistani leaders come to India; they do not hesitate to interact with the Kashmiri Hurriyat leaders and others, whom they look upon as the objective allies of Pakistan in the Indian civil society. Why do our leaders, during their visits to Pakistan, fight shy of similarly interacting with our objective allies in the Pakistani society?


I.K.Gujral, L.K.Advani, Manomohan Singh and so many political guns were born the places which are now in Pakistna. But they are behind Musharraf in ‘Kootneti’. We don’t want only External Affair Minister we also want ‘Chanakyas’.


India always remained silent towards Afghan, Baluch and Pakhtunistan. Balochistan] is ideally located for any military incursion into Iran," Iran and US both want India’s help. Now it depends on India how it may be able to bargain.  Since 1980s, Balochistan served as a key staging area for the anti-Soviet resistance in Afghanistan. Islamabad aided the Islamization of Balochistan partly to quell Baloch separatism as the mullahs politically marginalized the nationalists. Today, the provincial government is still ruled by a coalition of hard-line religious parties that allegedly still support the Taliban - forcing the Army to beef up of Talibanization presence there now.


These days, Baloch nationalists want more control over resources and more jobs. The Sui gas plant has been a sore point, as Balochistan was the last area to get the gas being sent across the country. Nationalists now want a greater share of revenues.


Another target for militants is the coastal city of Gwadar, where a major port is under construction.


US and Chinese Military presence is also threat for them.


Is Bond of Religion stronger than bond of Patriotism?

As a matter of record, Geelani of Hurriyat got a lease of life when he was treated for cancer in Mumbai's Tata Memorial Centre (at the Indian taxpayers expense) a few years ago. That he continues to spew venom at India and Indians speaks volumes of his character.


A resurgence of ethnic nationalism is a reminder of the fragility of this close US ally and nuclear power. Pakistan became a separate Muslim state after the British quit the Indian subcontinent in 1947. But the bonds of religion have not eliminated ethnic tensions in the country, which has seen violent separatist movements among its Pashtuns, Balochs, and Sindhis - as well as a successful bid by Bengalis to carve out an independent Bangladesh


How Baloch may be free from Musharra’s dictorial prison?

Bugti said: "I have been a Baloch for several centuries. I have been a Muslim for 1400 years. I have been a Pakistani for just over fifty." Some sucidical advised Mush to crush the Baloch leaders, which includes three prominent Sardars, Bugti, Khair Bux Marri and Ataullah Mengal. He had been attempting to get all Baloch nationalist parties under one umbrella. Of late, he had been in the limelight during the ongoing anti Mush regime resistance. The importance of the Baloch Nationalism, its origin and development as a case study cannot be ignored. The Baloch, after all, represent more than ten million people dispersed throughout Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Gulf States.


Balochistan spreads over 135,000 square miles but is home to only 6 million people. It borders Iran and Afghanistan, giving the territory strategic importance to both Pakistan and the US, which has been turning up the heat on Iran. But it is not less important for India. It is more important for us than US.


They should draw inspiration from the Bangladesh struggle for independence and unite not only among themselves, but also with the Sindhi nationalists, the Shias of Gilgit and Baltistan and the people of the POK, who had seen how the Pakistan Army treated them as an expendable commodity after the recent quake in order to achieve their common objectives. Their strength will be in their unity. Disunity will be fatal. 


Congress agains wants to divide India

Musharraf was under pressure of the Baloch, Pakhtoon and others. Manmohan by accepting joint mechanism has strengthened his hands. Now Pakistan also labeled on it that it is also facing terrorism as India is fcing. Follish government sending sketch of the suspected terrorist of ‘Samjhauta Eexpress blasting”, though Don Daud and others are freely moving in Pakistan.


China would be on India’s head forever. All know the friendship between Musharraff and China in the defense matter. Mush sold a portion of PoK to China. He can give more. Manmohan is on his path to invent joint mechanism and to declare that he will consider four pointed knife formula of Musharraf on Kashmir. Now days, Musharraf also becomes the admirer of Sonia Gandhi. MM has already bowed his head through Joint Mechanism.

Speaking to NDTV's Prannoy Roy, General Musharraf explained that under the four-point solution to Kashmir, Pakistan will also give up its old demand for a plebiscite in Kashmir and will forget all the UN resolutions. Pranoy Roy behaves as a spokesperson of Mush for India. Mush has allowed only NDTV channel in India. Manmohan accepted the proposal though after that Mush is mum.

In internal front UPA’ Sachar Committee, reservation on religious basis and so many other bribes to appease Minority are the proof that Congress want to divide India again.


By Premendra Agrawal