Modi Phobia: Congress urges EC to file FIR: Modi’s roadshow in Varanasi, not for Rahul’s in Lucknow

Modi Phobia: Congress urges EC to file FIR: Modi’s roadshow in Varanasi, not for Rahul’s in Lucknow


Reddish Priyanka’s face becomes reddish to hear the land scandal of her husband! Sonia Gandhi had instructed Abhishek Singhvi to file defamation case against those who writes about the controversial Gandhi dynasty! They say there should not be personal attack on Vadra Gandhi dynasty but they have liberty to launch personal attack on BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi! Do they want such partial liberty due to their birth place in Italy or due to keeping Italian citizenship still by them?


Senior Congress leader and party has lodged a complaint with the Election Commission against the roadshow by the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, ahead of his filing of nomination in Varanasi. 


“The Congress has complained to the Election Commission that in the 117 constituencies in which voting is being held today, Narendra Modi’s roadshow was telecast live on all TV channels. This violated the model code of conduct and influenced voters,” Sharma said at a press conference.


“We don’t want to see any notice but instead concrete action,” the minister Anand Sharma said, amply making clear the Congress party’s intentions. 


Why did Union minister Anand Sharma want to burn their political life as Holika in Varanasi?




TOI reported on April 25: Rahul Gandhi road show in Lucknow pains commuters in rush hour


Rahul Gandhi’s road show was in Lucknow on the same date April 24 when Narendra Modi’s road show was in Varanasi. sSupporters of the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi began converging at various locations interrupting traffic movement. The Congress scion and his supporters in a cavalcade of over 100 motor vehicles reached Parivartan Chowk in 10 minutes. Though continuous updates of his movement were being relayed to policemen since morning, the khaki-clad failed to make prior arrangements and regulate traffic.


In the process, hundreds of motorists were left crawling or waiting for more than 20 minutes at Hazratganj crossing. Only Nishatganj/Gomtinagar to Vidhan Sabha Marg routes remained free. Traffic came to a complete standstill at the busy crossing when Gandhi and his supporters moved to Vidhan Sabha Marg.

The Samajwadi Party campaign prop played loudly the party anthem near the Ambedkar statue at the Hazratganj crossing. “The war between supporters of two Bhaiyas (Rahul and Akhilesh) has compounded the problem. The SP supporters intentionally brought the truck to mock at the Congress workers,” said a traffic personnel deputed at the crossing.



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