11 parties have put on the mask of Third Front to protect Congress: I need 21 lotuses from Odisha: Modi

11 parties have put on the mask of Third Front to protect Congress: I need 21 lotuses from Odisha: Modi


Addressing a massive rally in Bhubaneswar, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Tuesday mocked at the Third Front calling it Congress’ B-Team. “Nine of the eleven parties support Congress and wear the mask of the Third Front,” Western and central India are growing because BJP governments are there. In eastern parts, the growth has not taken place because this area has been ruled by ‘Third Front’ governments.

“If you want to make an Odisha of Biju Babu’s dreams then make sure that BJP comes to power,” said Modi.


“Will you agree that Odisha is poor, that it has been made poor, that its youth are unemployed, that there is a water crisis?” the Gujarat Chief Minister asked the audience at a BJP rally in Bhubaneswar.


The BJP’s PM candidate then invoked the name of Biju Patnaik, the former chief minister of the state.


“You know who feels the most pain on seeing Odisha’s destruction: Biju babu. Do you not want an Odisha where Biju babu’s soul feels satisfied?” he said.


Modi then attacked Biju Patnaik’s son, current Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, for aligning his Biju Janata Dal BJD with other parties to form the Third Front.


“If India has to develop its east like its west, it is time to teach a lesson to people advocating for the Third Front,” he said.


“Eleven parties come together for the Third Front. They go to Delhi and take photos holding hands since they can’t show their faces in their states,” he said.



Making his maiden appearance in the state capital in 2014 poll campaign, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate said the members of Third Front have “destroyed” every state they have ruled whether it was Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh, Left parties in West Bengal or BJD in Odisha.


Modi also took on the third front saying that the leaders of the individual parties may have national ambitions but didn’t have any regional connect with their core constituencies. “There are 11 Third Front parties and they all gather in Delhi for photo opportunities but have no courage to show their faces in their own states.


Terming the efforts for cobbling Third Front an attempt to help Congress, he said nine of the 11 parties of the Front have been supporting Congress and they have put on the “mask” of Third Front on election eve.

“Third Front has only one work – save Congress. Time has come to teach them a lesson,” he said.




When some people hold rallies, they have an issue with filling up the place. For BJP, the issue is where to fit in all the people. There is a saffron sea (of people) here today. Those who talk of Third Front, I advise them to take a helicopter and come here today. There are winds of change in the state 


Narendra Modi begins speech in Odiya amidst chanting; exploiting a long-standing complaint among some sections that Naveen Patnaik hardly speaks in the regional language and only speaks in English. “I did not speak in Odia to show your chief minister in poor light. We have to have respect for all languages. I am really fond of Odia language. People from all over Odisha are staying in Gujarat and in Surat, Odia is the second language,” he said.


Modi also invoked the late Biju Patnaik and said he would have been sad to see what has happened to his state. Modi mock the Odisha chief minister about the condition of the state.

“Should we not create an Odisha that makes Biju babu happy? Yes we have to make such an Odisha. Uttam (Perfect) Odisha is the best tribute to him.


 If someone would be unhappy seeing the condition of the state of Odisha today it would be Biju babu,” Modi said while addressing a rally at Baramunda Ground in Bhubaneswar. Biju Patnaik is the father of Naveen Patnaik and also a former chief minister of the state.


We are proud to announce that India is a young country, but Odisha isn’t young because all the youth leave the state to earn a living.


“Our country is country of youngsters. But Odisha is not, because the youth here go out of the state in search of employment. Who likes to leave one’s state, families, parents, native place and go out? Only the old live here in Odisha,” he said.  


The Gujarat chief minister was quick to blame the state government for the poor economic condition of the state particularly its rising unemployment and the consequent large-scale migration of the younger lot to other states in search of employment.


Taunting the CM, Modi said most of the Odiya migrants working in Gujarat were from his home district Ganjam. There is no district or block in Odisha whose residents don’t stay in Gujarat. I meet a lot of people belonging to Ganjam district. When I ask them where is Ganjam district, they say it is their Chief Minister’s district 


I have been serving as chief minister for 14 years and the chief minister here is also doing the same. But in these 14 years, I made Gujarat spectacular but your chief minister ruined the state so much that now Odiyas are migrating to Gujarat for employment,” Modi said.


“The most appropriate tribute to Biju babu would be to make Odisha a developed state…. I have not come here with promises but intentions,” he told a large gathering, urging them to vote for BJP in Lok Sabha elections to help him develop the state once he comes to power at the Centre.


Do you agree that Odisha is poor? Do you agree that Odisha has been pushed to the brink of poverty? Do you agree that there is lack of education, water in Odisha?


Silk saree weavers from Odisha do labouring jobs in Gujarat. Why can’t he work in Odisha. Who created this mess? 


“India’s West coast is much developed than the East coast. This is a reality. The reason is because on the west coast there are more BJP governments. States like Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Rajasthan are all developing because of BJP governments in power.”


“On the East coast, people who have opened the Third Front shops are in charge. What has the Left Front done in West Bengal? What is Samajwadi Party doing in Uttar Pradesh? What is the state government doing here?” he asked.


The Gujarat Chief Minister also spoke about Maoism, which the state is affected by, and pointed to what he said were successful methods used by Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh. “Chhattisgarh has made remarkable advances under Raman Singh but see what is happening in Odisha.


Earlier Chhattisgarh did not have rice but now it is producing food to feed stomach of other states also. What Chhattisgarh has is right leadership but Odisha does not,” he said.


“Within 10 years, Raman Singh has tackled Maosists effectively. But due to the development policies of the BJP government, it has found a place among the good states of the country. Earlier the Maoist situation in Chhattisgarh and Odisha were same. This has not happened in Odisha because you don’t have good leadership whereas Chhattisgarh does,” he said.


The BJP prime ministerial candidate also targetted Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi who recently visited the state. “The issues for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls are inflation, corruption and bad Central policies. But the big guns who fly in from Delhi do not speak of these issues. Can’t 21st century India ask for facilities for old parents, employment, better medical facilities and better living?” Modi said.


“2014 polls is not to find out whose government will be formed, or who will be a MP or not, 2014 polls are for political cleansing.


In the last 60 years, only one family has mostly reigned for the Congress. Now it is the time to change,” he said. Making his intentions clear, the BJP prime ministerial candidate said that if Odisha seeks development than people must send BJP MPs from all the 21 Lok Sabha seats in the state.


“If we need to develop Odisha, we need to improve the condition of the people living here. In 100 days, the Central government will change. Suppose BJP wins and Modi becomes MP but we need BJP MPs to work for you. I need 21 lotuses from Odisha if you want to develop all the constituencies of the state.


In Ganjam district, it is said that water has to be delivered through trains. In Gujarat, we ensured water supply to 9,000 villages in just eight years.


I have come from the land of Somnath and the land of Jagannath has showered love on me.


I shall return the love with interest.”


You also have the Assembly polls ahead of you. You have got a double opportunity and the power to change. I can tell you the job which the Congress could not do in 60 years, BJP will do in sixty months,” Modi said.

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, who was our party’s guide, gave us one mantra: Antodaya. Today, I have come to meet you on his death anniversary. I present before you the determination to make a nation according to his mantra.


I received the news that there was an accident in Sambalpur, where many people died. I pay my tribute to these people.


“I vow before you. To help the poor prosper is the top priority of BJP,” he said.


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