Ham hain AAP ke Political Thug Behrams

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aap-nashediWith an eye on coming crucial Punjab Assembly Elections, the Thug Behram alike Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) via Udta Punjab launching Nasha mukti abhiyan to promote his Drunk MP as CM Candidate?



https://twitter.com/newsanalysisind/status/744422489468469248 @newsanalysisind   Nitish -Kejr preaches “Nasha Mukti” to make his MP Mann a drunker? 11:52 PM – 18 Jun 2016



Now poltical thugs as Pre-Independence Thug Behrams?




AAP as thug Behrams wants to kill the future of Young Punjab  of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Sardar Bhagat Singh. as Thug Behram was a group of such serial killers who were moving free in British Rule in the knowledge of British Govt. According to British law those thug Behrams could not be punished as is happened in the case of leaders of AAP now.

Thug Behrams kill aam aadami physically. Here in the case of AAP, its leaders kill the aam aadami mentally. This is Maoist Marxist magic of sucking blood and Sonia’s family friend Benny Hinn’s healing touch to convert Hindus into Christianity. Can Benny Hinn be arrested in India? Can Political Thug Behrams Prashants be arrested in India?


Kejriwal should stop to remind Thug Behram

Kashyap forgot to include in his Udta Punajab:Former Bollywood actor Mamta Kulkarni named accused in drug racket:



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