America and NHRC on wrong foot due to Teesta

May 6, 2005 0 By rajesh

Teesta and NHRC are in trouble due to Jahira’s latest FIR & Affidavit. US become nude.

“Teen Ticket (Anand) Maha Vikat”
AS Anand is, Chairman of NHRC. It is ’Muslim right Commission’. RK Anand, hero of J’khand issue and Congress leader, was accused in 84’s riot. Javed Anand, husband of Teesta is a fanatic mullah and has recently supported (in Outlook web edition), the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. Foundation …… All India Muslim Personal Law Board had decided to send a delegation to … Indian Muslim Council-USA …Godhra Train Tragedy: Refer attachment “Godhra A To Z” compiled by Teesta …
Now they all have eggs on their face, and the key witness has retraced her statements on that basis the case slated to be heard out of Gujarat.

On April 10, Police has registered a FIR against Teesta Setalvad and five others.

A local court had ordered police inquiry into Sheikh’s allegations that she never signed any affidavit requesting the Supreme Court to order re-trial in the case. If Teesta filed affidavit herself in the name of Jahira without Jahira’s signature then people would see real face of secularists including secular media, Teesta and human activists like rainy frogs and NHRC. NHRC have big role to misguide SC and to open the gate for US to evoke Modi’s Visa.

Monkey grabbed a sword: Teesta and NHRC misguided SC
The apex court directed the High Court to stay away from religious feelings and expunge the comments on Teesta from the Court’s decision of December 26, which upheld the trial court verdict acquitting the 21 accused. To receive cooked facts SC made comments on its Subordinate HC of Gujarat, reopened and transferred the case in Mumbai. Teesta and other so called -secularists used this as weapon against Nationalists, Gujarat Govt., Narendra Modi, Gujarat Police and its judiciary. Congress spokes person called Gujarat police as communal police. Human activists came as rainy frogs. One activist said that attempt of murder on Modi could not called as terroist attack, it should be called a revenge.
Zaheera, Teesta to appear before SC panel on April 18
On the basis of Jaheera’s statement Via Teesta, NHRC requested Supreme Court to transfer the Best Bakery Case out of Gujarat and case was transferred in Mumbai.
Jahira before Supreme Court have enclosed documents relating to her bank accounts to disprove the allegation that she was bribed to change her stand. Stating that the NHRC chairman and two members were present during the recording of her statement, she said: “I would like my lawyer to examine the chairman of the NHRC in respect of her statement, which formed part of the affidavit filed on behalf of the human rights
body.” According to her, what the commission had recorded and what was filed
in the Supreme Court by the NHRC was completely different.


Teesta tutored me: Nafitullah
Nafitullah Sheikh brother of Jahira said, “I don’t know why Teesta’s organisation was spending money, and providing rations etc for us every month. Ms. Setalvad and Rais Khan used to say that he would have to give ‘false evidence’ at the Mumbai court,”
“The US state department has set aside several lakhs of dollars to fund litigation aimed at bringing legal redress to Muslims in Gujarat.


Teesta sold Gujarat riot to US.” Jahira said. Ms Poornima Advani confirmed when she was the President of National Commission for Women (NCW), to the press that “Zaheera was under no pressure and was doing her own things”.

Who should we believe?
The battle has been drawn out between Teesta a very powerful woman who is on the board of several government offices, is in close association with corporate houses, has been felicitated overseas with sundry awards and in defense is Jahira a hapless young girl barely out of her teens, bereaved and homeless. Ms Setalvad’s loyalties are at best “divided” – she has consistently used a secessionist map of India on her web-site and viciously attacked Indian musicians who asked for equivalent access to Pakistani markets, as offered to Pakistani musicians here. Her current effort at undermining an indigent, inadequately educated girl, barely out of her teens, is avidly supported by Pakistanis and organizations that align themselves with the NDF-ISI nexus. Do we really want such a person and her coterie to affect our judicial system?

Would NHRC, Supreme Court and Govt. hear the voice of Sikhs, Kashmiri Pandits and Kanchi Mutt Seer?

Several of those accused have since been legally acquitted, but New-Delhi-based Sikh Forum secretary R.P. Singh points out that the cases could be reopened. “If Gujarat can be reopened, why not 1984,” he asks
Is America discriminating against BJP and Modi while overlooking what Congress did in 1984 riots against Sikhs? “Revoke visas of Congress politicians”: Shiromani Akali Dal

Kashmiri Pandits: Why no Best Bakery-type action is in our case?
“There are numerous cases where Pandits were brutally killed and their bodies mutilated. Why didn’t the NHRC or any such body take cognizance of these,” asks Rajinder Kaul Premi, whose famous poet-author father Sarwanand Kaul Premi and brother Virender Kaul Premi were brutally murdered in April 1990.

Kanchi Mutt Seer filed a petition in Supreme Court seeking transfer of cases out of TN. Cases against Seer shows that Jaya is latest victim of minorityism and politics of vote bank. A DMK speaker painted the chief minister as “Out-and- Out anti-Tamil” because she had once declared in the Assembly she was a “papathi (Brahmin woman)”.

Teesta defamed India abroad
Still Teesta Setalvad says: “I am born a Hindu. I know my conscience. I know from where my faith comes. I know the BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena don’t speak for Hindus.”
Teesat Setalvad’s sppech Nuremberg International Human Right Award Sept 14, 03
“Geetabehn, a Hindu, happily married to Salim, a Muslim, in Gujarat until April 4, 2002 last year was stripped and mutilated in public before being butchered alive on the streets of Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s leading commercial center.” Please remember Teesta being a Hindu married with Javed Anand. She is busy with her Muslim fundamentalist husband in ‘hate campaign’ against Hindus. For this secularists are rewarding her. Nothing happened to her.
This is India’s misfortune that there are women like Teesta, Sonia Gandhi and NRI Preeta Bansal who chaies “The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).
Sonia Gandhi criticized NDA Govt. and Hinduism in the meeting of Muslim Organization when she was in Europe. USCIRF, Pakistani lobby against India and Indian Mulim Organization of America are mainly responsible to create atmosphere against India including Gujarat and Its CM.
Teesta spoke in UNESCO July 10, 2000:
“India where the rule of law is being flouted every day, by goon squads claiming protection by the right wing Hindu Party that leads the present government, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Gandhi said, and believed that in matters of conscience, the majority had no place. Nehru believed (or should I say predicted?) that “Fascism in India would come (or could come) in the garb of Hindu majoritarian and communalism.” How Teesta’s, Communalism Combat, Khoj etc funded is not clear, though it is strange that they did throw a lot of money in big newspaper ads that abused the BJP during the last Lok Sabha elections.

“Inquiries with the Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra revealed that they were not listed as an NGO, so I rang Javed Anand and asked why not. He said it was because they were a private limited company. I asked him outright if he would like to answer the charge that Communalism Combat was funded with Saudi money. No insinuation there. The reason I asked was because an editor I know was once asked to edit a magazine on communalism and refused when it was revealed that money for the enterprise was coming from the Gulf.” Tavleen Singh

I believe also that people like Teesta and Javed get into dangerous territory when they equate Hindu fundamentalism with radical Islam.
Ethics and Public Policy Center’s publication Hindu Nationalism vs. Islamic Jihad: Religious Militancy in South Asia A Conversation with Cedric Prakash, Teesta Setalvad, Kamal Chenoy, Sumit Ganguly, Sunil Khilnani, and Jonah Blank
“Islam has a book written by God, it has a messenger of God to whom that book was revealed and who enjoins followers to go out and preach Allah’s word and convert the ‘‘unbelievers’’ gently if possible but violently if necessary. Hinduism, whose real name is Sanatan Dharam, does not believe it is the final word on anything or that it was blessed with the last Prophet. It believes everyone has the right to believe what they like and worship as they will” Tavleen Singh


By Premendra Agrawal