Educational frauds and Natorious politics

April 6, 2005 0 By rajesh

A.S. Gill, currently posted as deputy superintendent of police in the Anti-Corruption Bureau here, Monday night on charges of tampering with evidence. The move came just a week after the Chhattisgarh government lodged a protest with the home ministry for “the deliberate slow act of CBI” in the murder case. The deceased’s family had named Jogi and his son Amit as “prime suspects”. Earlier, the CBI had arrested a sub-inspector R C Trivedi, who was also among the investigating team.

The police team, headed by Mr Gill, had arrested five history sheeted criminals from UP and as said painted claimed that Mr Jaggi was shot by them during their attempt to loot him while he was returning home after attending a meeting at the state NCP office.

NCP Chhattisgarh Treasurer Ram Avtar Jaggi was shot dead June 4, 2003 near a police station in the bustling Maudhapara, Raipur. The incident occurred around 10 p.m. while Jaggi was on his way home after a assembly with Vidya Charan Shukla, who then headed the NCP in the state and was Jogi’s bete noir.

Changing side of CBI:
BJP was in power in New Delhi, the CBI moved quickly and opened a special cell here to probe the case. Jaggi’s family was hoping for quick justice. But with the Congress returning to power in New Delhi in 2004, the CBI scrapped the Raipur cell.

Ajeet Jogi is the biggest liar on this earth.
Opponents have been targeting Jogi by crying’ ”fake caste, fake income…fake affidavit for a petrol pump”, in a reference to the dispute over his tribal status, alleged disproportionate income and a relative’s fake affidavit.

** church-Sonia-Jogi nexus
When Mr Jogi was made Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh after it was carved out from Madhya Pradesh, it was the decision of Ms Sonia alone while other leaders had opposed his candidature then. When he was caught doing nasty things, his suspension was her decision and his rehabilitation now is also her own decision. Observers feel that the “legal and moral conditions” on which Mr Jogi was suspended from the party have not changed. His reinstatement is not going to help the Congress in anyway, but Ms Sonia Gandhi has exhibited her “soft corner” for Mr Jogi.
Three hundred Churches had been erected when Jogi was in power. Family members of Ajit Jogi are busy promoting activities of the church. On January 12, 2003 Jogi’s wife and an Australian woman distributed blankets and money in Raipur. Five persons from the Sikh community converted to Christianity in Bhilai. The BJP will raise the issue of conversion in these elections.
A vilification campaign has commenced against Ajit Jogi within the Congress, with party leaders saying that the church has put pressure on Sonia Gandhi not to remove him following the CBI inquiry in the document-forgery case. Sonia always backs him because they are both Catholics, and moved to the background.

In a recent news report by the Canada’s Anglican Journal, it was revealed that unseated Congress Party state government Chief Minister of Chattisgarh, Ajit Jogi, who is as suspected, a Christian convert. The report said that Jogi is in fact “a member of the Church of North India”.
Jogi had been accused of planning and using state resources toward conversion campaigns in the central state of Chattisgarh in India. The issue of conversion is particularly sensitive in Chattisgarh, where more than 35 per cent of the 20-million population is composed of tribal people. Missionaries in the past have aggressively attempted to convert tribal from Hinduism often using deceptive or exploitive means. To date, missionaries have already converted over 500,000 out of the state’s 20 million people.

Judeo save prestige of his moustache
The Congress Party fared badly in areas with a predominantly tribal population, where the leading BJP candidate Dilip Singh Judeo campaigned strongly against conversions. Four Indian states went to the polls Dec. 1 and the BJP won three of the four elections. The Congress Party was able to retain power only in the state of Delhi

Educational fraud
Ajit Jogi’s son, Amit Jogi was born in America. He has a British passport. Only in April 2001 he applied for Indian citizenship. But Amit was given a certificate by the administration before this date. Ajit Jogi’s son being a citizen of America, appeared in the exam of UPSC. Without doing B.A., Rahul passed M.Phil. His mother Sonia without taking admission in Cambridge, passed an exam from Cambridge. How sweet these frauds are!

** Jogi as president of Horse traders
Jogi symbolises bribery and horse-trading and he was suspended from the party in 2003 for offering cash to BJP MLAs in Chhattisgarh. Again he adopted the same sort of tactic in Jharkhand.
He was facing dissidents with in his party. So he engineered horse-trading. On December 20,2001, 12 of its 35 Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) deserted the party to float the Chhattisgarh Vikas Party, only to merge with the ruling Congress(I) the following day.
Arun Jaitley on December 7, 2003 released to the media a “handwritten letter” purportedly by Mr Jogi to the state Governor, allegedly saying the 37-member Congress Legislature Party (CLP) would extend support from outside to a government to be headed by senior BJP leader and MP Baliram Kashyap. He also released a transcript of the conversation purportedly between Mr Jogi and BJP leader Virendra Pandey and Mr P R Khunte.
I recall: BJP MP Khunte, ‘‘Jogi threatened to implicate me in a POTA case
He said, “Jogi threatened to finish my political career. Then I had no option but to leave the BJP and follow Jogi’s dictates,’’ alleged Khunte who figures in the audio tapes as the man doing the talking on behalf of Jogi.
Jogi is the villain of Jharkhand. Instead of penalising Sibte Razi, Patel, Jogi, Dasmunshi and Fernandes wanted a war declared against Abdul Kalam. They accused the President of acting on behalf of the NDA/ Samajwadi Party, which had elected him to that office. Well-wishers suggested that it would be politically suicidal for the Congress to now train its guns on A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.
Oscar Fernadis, Das Munshi and Jogi threatened the independents and forced to Marandi Stephen to accept Deputy CM instead of CM post. The man who masterminded Shibu Soren’s elevation as Jharkhand chief minister is none other than Jogi.

By Premendra Agrawal