Elections are festivals of democracy where Janta Janardhan is fighting: Lion Roar in Delhi

November 30, 2013 0 By rajesh

Elections are festivals of democracy where Janta Janardhan (People) is fighting the election: Modi in Delhi



Massive crowd at rally venue in Delhi today Nov 30, chanting ‘Modi, Modi’ Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley also addressed the rally. Besides them BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate Harsh Vardhan addresses the rally, criticises the Congress Government for not doing anything in the State.


Modi:Harsh Vardhan is a honest man, he understands common man’s problem and will be able to deliver good results, if you chose him.


BJP PM Candidate Modi said:  This is first time, where Janta Janardhan is fighting election. Describing elections as festivals of democracy, the BJP leader said that what can be better than the people themselves fighting the elections.


Raising the poll pitch in the national capital, BJP’s PM nominee said that political parties must give answers to the people and tell the public what they did during their regime.

Modi asked the gathering, “Delhi has such big leaders of the Centre should they not meet you, address you and talk to you.” 


Modi: Commercial tariffs are also cheaper in Gujarat than in Delhi. Critising the Congress Government for spreading rumours that power tariff is expensive in Gujarat as compared to Delhi, he said for 200 units the prices is Rs. 5.80 in Delhi, in Gujarat it is Rs. 4.57.


Modi: The same intelligent Minister also said that the Government’s job is not to sell onions? but later on Delhi CM was seen selling onions. Was not that a part of political tactics? We cannot even buy some onion with 26 rupees, then how can we afford three meals a day. One Minister in Government says if a person spends Rs 26, he is not poor. NaMo asks is it true, can we spend a day in Rupees 26?


Modi: Atal ji was not an economist but he knew how to run economy, how to deal with the problem of people in better way. Our PM is a big economist and our FM is also very educated. But this dream team has ruined the nation. Modi say even during Atal ji tenure as PM, prices did not rise. but they are sky-rocketing due to misrule of Congress. Congress Government promised to take steps to reduce prices in 100 days, but they failed


When Morarji Bhai Desai formed the Janta Party Government after JP Movement against emergency did prices rise? That was a coalition Government also, says Modi


Without naming Kapil Sibbal, BJP PM Candidate said:  One Union Minister thinks he has most minded person in the world, he says prices are rising because poors are eating two vegetables. Modi said is this the reason of rising prices.


BJP PM Candidate Modi says people do not trust the Congress people any longer. He urged people to uproot the Congress from Centre and the State.


Further attacking the Congress, BJP PM Candidate Modi said that it has become a fashion for the grand old party to demand answers from Gujarat even if elections are in any other state. Modi added Election is taking place in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh but question are being asked from Gujarat Government. Number of people keep asking me- what is my vision. Have they asked the Congress about their vision?


Despite your dirty tricks and every effort the people of Gujarat refused to believe you. Do not think you can try these tricks anywhere: Modi


Inflation is rising but Delhi Government is not uttering a single word on it, says Modi.


Coming down hard at the Congress, Modi said, “Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh and Madhya Pradesh CM ShivrajSingh Chouhan went between the people and informed them about the work they did in their respective states. But Congress leaders of Delhi and Rajasthan are arrogant as they are not willing to answer the people.” *


The BJP leader will address the next rally at 3 pm in west Delhi’s Sultanpuri covering 12 constituencies and the last will be held at 5 pm in Chandni Chowk in the walled city, covering 10 constituencies.


Modi will address a single rally on December 01 that is scheduled to take place in Ambedkar Nagar in south Delhi at 4 pm and will cover nine constituencies.


Delhi with 70 Assembly seats will go to polls on December 01 and results will be out on Dec 08.



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