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November 23, 2005 0 By rajesh

To day’s talk is and coming days’ talk will be Indira’s India and
KGB. But I want to remind and the facts show how close we were and we
are to disaster under the Congress regime. “You cannot be made great
by what you destroy but, by what you build”.

Former Bihar Chief Minister Jagannath Mishra as PTI reported on
September 18, 2005, admitted that his brother, who was Railway minister
in Indira Gandhi cabinet was of “left leaning” and so was Indira Gandhi
and that “Lalit Narain Mishra had brought the Congress close to the

I recall my comment, which have been published in various newspapers
of June 19, 2005 including::

Former KGB spy Antonio Maino alias Sonia Maino-Gandhi recently went to

Sonia, still Italian citizen, was a KGB spy planted by KGB in UK and
trapped Rajiv Gandhi. Antonio Maino’s father was a Russian prisoner’s
of war. Her father worked as Nazi volunteers. Finally Rajiv had to pay
the price for that spy Sonia to save her boyfriend Quatrochi and
billions dollars of bribes. George Fernades rightly said that that
woman should not be allowed to loot our nation and finally fly away
like Japanese Fujimuri, who looted Peru.

3 Cs Corrupt Congress CPI & Envelope journalism: The Mitrokhin
Archive, Volume II says It seemed like the entire country was on sale,
“People in high places, including ministers, were willing to provide
sensitive information to the highest bidder” Like that before the
revolution the Bolsheviks obtained their funds by organizing…
dacoities, by seducing heiresses… Though Indira was unaware, but
ruble-suitcases were in her residence. Nehru has the same bohemian
attitude towards audit objections: they belong to the same fussy
bourgeois era of Gokhale and Gandhi. Was his Krishna Menon was not

Newspapers reader can recall, Nehru himself said and accepted that he
agreed in principle with the Communists. Once upon a time Pt Nehru said
that accidentally he born in Hindu family. Under Stalin, according to
Nehru, the people of Russia got “dignity of labour.” Some gems
should be found out from Nehru’s speech in the Parliament on March 6
1953 to mark the “sad” occasion of Stalin’s death. Though Marx
insulted Proudhon; Engels insulted Bukanin; Lenin insulted Kautsky;
Trotsky insulted Stalin. Stalin scourged the Opposition even in the
graves of their opponents.

The book titled Genesis & Growth of Nehruism Vol 1 : Commitment to
Communism written by the late Sita Ram Goel, reveals that Nehru’s Man
Friday, V.K. Krishna Menon (who also served as India’s Defence
Minister) whom everybody blamed for the Chinese debacle was in reality,
a mere pawn in the larger-than-life games that Nehru played with India
and the Indian people. A step further, the focus of this book lies in
exposing Nehru as a true-blood Communist.

Goel has traced Nehru’s fascination with Communism from the time
Nehru first visited the USSR, in 1927. From being a pilgrim to the
Soviet Paradise, Goel traces the steady, unswerving ideological
commitment to Communism as professed by Nehru in every act of his: as a
Communist pamphleteer.

Soviet attempts to cultivate Indira Gandhi during the 1950s were
motivated far more by the desire to influence her father than by any
awareness of her own political potential. Moscow still underestimated
her when she became Prime Minister. In her early parliamentary
appearances she seemed tongue-tied and unable to think on her feet. The
insulting nickname coined by a socialist MP, DUMB DOLL, began to stick.

* KGB records show how spies penetrated the heart of India

The Indians lifted restrictions on the number of Soviet diplomats and
trade officials in the country, thus allowing the KGB numerous cover
positions. After Congress-led UPA came to power Russia appointed a
former KGB spy/director as Ambassador to India. Delhi became a prized
posting, “indicated by the subsequent promotion of some of the
leading officers in the New Delhi residency”. One 1970s KGB man in
Delhi went on to “become head of the post-Soviet foreign intelligence
service, the SVR, with direct access to President Yeltsin”. Later, he
“became a confidant of President Putin”. Vyacheslav Trubnikov
returned to India as ambassador in 2004, an act “attributed by
Russian press commentators to the mutual desire of Russia and India to
upgrade their strategic partnership”.

According to the respected Swiss Magazine, Schweitxzer Illustrate
[November 1991 issue], Rajiv Gandhi had about $ 2 billion in numbered
Swiss bank accounts, which Sonia inherited upon his assassination.

Dr. Yevgenia Albats, Ph.D [Harvard], is a noted Russian scholar and
journalist. She was a member of the KGB Commission set up by President
Yeltsin in August 1991. She was privy to the Soviet intelligence files
that documented these deals and KGB facilitation of the same. In her
book The State Within a State The KGB in Soviet Union, she even gives
the file numbers of such intelligence files, which can now be accessed
by any Indian government through a formal request to the Kremlin.

Sonia Gandhi, chairperson of India’s ruling coalition, now visited the
twin Russian cities of Vladimir and Suzdal. Her father Stefano Maino —
who was an Italian soldier fighting against Soviet troops during World
War II — was jailed in the region of the above said twin cities as a
prisoner of war for several years.

But her Russian hosts could not show her the prison where Maino was
held, as the structure no longer exists. Maino, who later became a
building contractor, never harbored any grouse or anger against his
Russian captors. Rather, Sonia’s father Stefano Maino fell in love with
Russian culture and literature, government-run RIA Novosti reported
pointing that all his daughters including Sonia (Antonio Maino) have
Russian names and Sonia can also speak a little Russian.

Who will dare to counter the following?

1. KGB might have murdered Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri,
in Tashkent, by poisoning so that Nehru family can come back to power.
Following the India-Pakistan War of 1965, Shastri met in Tashkent with
President Ayub Khan of Pakistan and signed a “no-war” declaration. He
died the next day Jan 11, 1966. The story put out by KGB that a Muslim
cook with Lal Bahadur Sastri’s entourage had poisoned him in Tashkent
and escaped to Pakistan may be a cover-up for what KGB had done.

2. Sonia Gandhi was groomed and presented in front of Rajiv Gandhi by
KGB, to hook Rajiv, which was successful. Subsequently Rajiv married

3. KGB might be involved in the plane accident of Sanjay Gandhi and
might be pure murder to eliminate Sanjay and to bring in Rajiv as the
successor to Indira Gandhi. This paved the way for Rajiv Gandhi to
become PM, who is married to KGB agent Sonia.

She took Indian citizenship only after the death of Sanjay Gandhi and
after 15 years of her marriage.

I have already commented on September 16/17, 2005, in the Times of
India and in other newspapers: Indian PM Dr. Singh criticizes Vajpayee
to US President Bush and thus made subject of discussion domestic
politics on the foreign land. Few weeks ago He praised British rule in
India at the time of accepting honorary Doctorate degree from Oxford
University, London. His cabinet minister was Jagdish Titler whose name
has been inserted in 84′ riots. Foreign Minister Natwar Singh also
adopted the same attitude when he was visited to China. Sonia did the
same mistake though knowingly in London when she was in Europe Tour.
Congress is under the grab of Sonia’s Italian Fascism and Secularism.
Rahul Gandhi is taking training for that. Public and parliamentarians
should question to these irresponsible leaders.

By: Premendra Agrawal