Hair Style & Religion

April 17, 2005 0 By rajesh

Please don’t treat Orissa’s people backward. People in the Bijipur (Orissa) cut their hair in different styles to please the Goddess Thakurani as the ritual is a part of the month-long Thakurani yatra. Churchill, Eisenhower, Gandhi & Sardar Patel — all great men were with common physical feature — a baldhead. And perhaps looking at them, the wit said, “God made some good heads. The rest he covered with hair.”

The religious significance of hair is seen in the shaved heads of Christian and Buddhist monks, indicating renunciation of the world, and in the single long lock on the shaved heads of Muslim men, by which, they believed, Allah would pull them up to heaven. In 17th century England, the long curling locks of the Royalist Anglican Cavaliers and the cropped hair of the Parliamentarian Puritan Roundheads professed both politics and religion.

Harbhajan Cricketer have a hairdressing salon. There is online wig salon.

Has moustache and still looks handsome and young at heart! Most girls want his boy friends without moustache, but Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff look good with it. BJP Rajya Sabha Member Joo Deo gambled his moustache, “ If BJP could not defeat Jogi led congress then I cut my moustache” Fortunately BJP won.

From the earliest days of colonization through the early part of the 20th century, American hairstyles of both men and women were strongly influenced by European fashion. …Women’s hairstyles became somewhat more sensible in the early 1700’s.

We find, too, that in much earlier times men were not permitted to do, as they liked with their own hair. At one time, long hair was the symbol of sovereignty in Europe. European hair styles have also varied greatly during the Christian era, have adopted a wide range of hair styles. Elaborate long hairstyles at times so popular in Europe were less common in Asian. Much is written about the debate in medieval Europe over beards and hair. End of Europe’s Middle Ages – Visual Arts: Strong S-curves, richly flowing draperies, curling hair and beards typified the … traditional Christian figures or actual persons in a classic style. Depicted in European prints, since men often have lon hair, no beard, and long robes that resemble those of women. Their swept-back hair recalls the style favoured by Lord Wellesley.

I saw powerful symbolism when Karnatak and Andhra’s CMs, Oscar fernadis, Margret Alwa , Jony lever and others climbed on the stage of fraud Benny Hinn at Banglore to encourage the T-tsunami affected poor coastal people for conversion.

The powerful symbolism as Bush bows the knee. Did President Bush cross the line between church and state when he bowed down to the dead pope? Whatever happened to the much-vaunted US claim of the separation of church and state? Here you have the state kneeling before a pope and a dead one at that; and by implication before the Roman Catholic Church. Have the US presidents knelt down and kissed his ring while he was alive also, I wonder?

I don’t want to create opinion by my any act including writing that Italian origin Sonia Gandhi is superior between 100 crore of Indians. America and Italy may be more backward than us. We should throw our inferior complexity.

Christian missionaries are not secular & progressive. Former Central Minister Sibu Soren said that due to Church from four legs, tribal are now of two legs. These are the leaders of our tribes.

If Hindu priest arrested, it becomes great news. Hundred church fathers are maulvis’ arrested, have no news value. Glady Staines came back in Orissa again to convert tribes in to Christ. She got ‘padmshree’ for this on the advice of Sonia Gandhi. She and other Church fathers and nuns misuse these news stories.

Premendra Agrawal