Loyalty beyond their country

September 10, 2006 0 By rajesh

By that ‘secret ochre recipe’ of life or death
You drink and raise your glasses
Full of sweet alien promise,
As you dream a bright new craze
That bombards the mind with images

Comrade Khrushchev has boasted that this country had anti-missile weapons which could “hit a fly in space,” Andhra Pradesh police on Malegaon’s Black Friday has claimed its biggest arms haul in two years, recovering 600 rocket missiles from the Naxal-infested forests in Mahabubnagar district. By these arms who are being killed?

Khrushchev & betel leaf (pan)

* Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev’s triped to India in 1955. Red is the favorite symbol of Marxiists of all over world because they want to rule in the name of labours through bloodshed. When Former President of USSR Comrade Khruschev visited in South India then betel leaf (pan) was offered to him as a part of hospitality, friendship and love. This was the tradition in the courts of the Mogul kings & other medieval rulers. Presiden went it chewing and spitted. He wondered to see red liquid. He remarked that he had fully convinced that Indians were Red. To hear the remark comrades smiled with wide redish lips. I don’t know they like or not: “Lal Pan ki Begam”(Queen of Red Betel)



* In Russia one of the exhibit publicized, painting Christ against the background of a Coca-Cola advertisement with the inscription “This is my blood,”. In India MF Hussain is defamed for his offensive paintings.

“Drinking Coke is like drinking farmer’s blood in India” – Nandlal Master, of Lok Samiti and the National Alliance of People’s Movements. Why not this type of advertisement to stop cuel killings of tribal.

Red is the left Parties symbolism connected to bloodshed 

Red flag is an international symbol for the “bloody revolution”

“The flag of the CPI-M is a red flag of which the length and one-and-a half times its width. At the centre of the flag there is a crossed hammer and sickle in white.”

The hammer and sickle is a symbol used to represent communism and communist political parties. One of World War II’s iconic images was the Hammer and Sickle being flown over the Reichstag building as there was a fall of Berlin to the Red Army. The hammer and sickle also appears on Communist Party of China flag


‘Tribal-cock fight: Naxals are Hindu Militants

“Red” refers to the blood shed by the working class in its struggle against capitalism.

But In Nepal red refer to the blood shed of Nepalis by Armed Maoists.

Cock fight is famous in tribals of Bastar and other naxal affected tribal areas.

Leftists armed wing Naxalite kill tribal to form ‘gurilla force’ of tribal. Pak is also doing the same to train Kashmiri youths and infiltrating its Amy jawans in Kashmir and now all over India.  And thus cock fight is at present ‘Tribal blood shed.


Worldpress.org lists the Hindu as a left-leaning independent newspaper. Naxalites Maoists are left leaning armed organization. They murdered more murders of innocent people especially tribal than Jihadi terrorists. They are Hindu Militants. Why not N.Ram, Pravin Swamy and Anupama called them in their newspaper ‘naxal terrorists’ and Hindu Militants? Why their senior comrade Somnath Chatterji says that naxals are not criminals? Somnath and othes gave certificates of ‘No office of profit’ to each other. Andhra Pradesh police on this Black Friday has claimed its biggest arms haul in two years, recovering 600 rocket missiles from the Naxal-infested forests in Mahabubnagar district. By these arms who would be killed?


Loyalty beyond their country


For instance Congress and Lefts both have loyalty to Italian origin.

Congress was born by foreigner and still is being under the presidentship of Italian Origin. Communist partieswere born from Russian and Chinese left idealogy. Their love is always out side.


* Every body knows comrades openly helped China at the time of Indo-China war. Defense Minister Comrade Krishna Menon at that time gave order to army for not to give reply the bullets of Chinese soldiers and thus our brave soldiers bore bullets in their chests without giving reply. KGB also funded Krishna Menon’s election in 1962 in the hope that he might succeed Nehru was also not surprising.


They are being paid for this from foreign

* Jawaharlal Nehru had taken up with the visiting Soviet leaders, Nikolai Bulganin and Nikita Khrushchev, the impropriety of the CPI acting under the “instructions” of the Soviet Union. He had then spoken to B & K, not once but twice, about the CPI also getting “considerable sums of money from outside”. Khrushchev blandly denied this, of course. “Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru, Second Series”, Volume 31, pp. 333-339.)


* When there was a blame season related to KGB then CPM patriarch, Mr Jyoti Basu alleged in ‘palatwar’ that Indian Congress was always financed by CIA. In the past also he had drawn attention to the claim by a former US Ambassador to India, Mr Daniel Moynihan, that the US had financed the Congress to defeat the Communists in Kerala and West Bengal. Indira Gandhi had tersely denied this.  


By Premendra Agrawal