July 6, 2006 0

Nuke in Kargil : Shivaji & Shastri

By rajesh

History is Past. News is old. Santosh Kanwar, widow of Martyr Mangej Singh swore ”I shall not hesitate to send all my three sons to the front and will be proud if they die defending the country like their father”

High than Mount Everest height emotional words of the martyr-memorial at Kohima:

When you go home
tell them of us
And say
for your tomorrow
we gave our today

July 2, 2006 0

Impostor Leader

By rajesh

Should Army, Police & People be divided as secular & non-secular?Why Caste based Reservation to divide Hindus?Why Dr. Ambedkar adopted Buddhism?What are the religion of Sonia and her son Rahul?Pt Nehru on foreign origin. Why Christians keep Hindu name and dresses?

May 29, 2006 0

Sonia and Gowda follow astrologers

By rajesh

When one astrologer said to Dev gowda in the past again possibility of becoming PM, then again he jumped loudly in the politics. He could succeed to make his party sharable in Karnatak Govt. God knows what will be happened to Sonia and Rahul.

May 13, 2006 0

Govt. of Dumb Doll for Reservation

By rajesh

General Category people are no more than second class citizens of this country. The reserved categories can take 100% of the seats/jobs on offer. Perhaps in TN with 69% reservation, the reserved and yet they continue to be called backward! It is very sad and unfortunate that the political parties are trying to divide the society and gain vote share by promising reservation in name of caste and religion.

May 5, 2006 0

Dance in public meetings:: Degradation of political ethics

By rajesh

As for the few hundred rupee note, the dancer may enact the role of reigning deity. Why not can they shake hand to Rahul Baba for rosy friendship? On 28 April, 2006 in the midst of electioneering in his mother and party chief Sonia Gandhi’s Lok Sabha constituency, 1000 bar dancers met Rahul and demanded opening of dance bars in Rae Bareli or some other job for them. These are only few, living in the area.