Pak signed treaties to forget

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Pak signed treaties to forget

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Pak signed treaties to forget. Every wing including ISI & Army is independent to attack India. After Bangladesh creation Pak adopted terrorism to fight in Indian land. Watch Shariff Musharraf word-war.

Great scholler Mr. Singh said in G-8 that the terror attacks in recent months had nothing to do with the repeal of the Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA). What is the need of that clearance? No one ask for this. To make law is our internal matter. Does America or Pakistan ask like this?

After Mumbai and Srinagar, Dr Manmohan Singh is to urge with foliding hand, at a G-8 summit, an “unambiguous, united international response” to extirpate terrorism. World dumbs for cowards. Since those who behave like sheep are eaten by the wolves, only a strong deterrent action, and no amount of tolerance or emotional shrieks, will save India from continuing Pak-Bangla aggression. Enemies must be crushed; not embraced. Only the strong deterrent action can defeat the aggressors.

We should learn from Israel. It is striking to release its three soldiers. It did this even for the safety of its citizen in single degit. Bush has refused to urge Israel to halt its offensive on Lebanon to punish Hezbollah guerrilla attacks across its border.

At the time of Kargil war, Bush & Tony instructed us “ Don’t cross LoC”. Have we courage to destroy terrorist camps in PoK?

India, Pak must find new ‘pathways’ for peace: Manmohan
Mr.Great PM don’t advise Pakistan. After the creation of Bangladesh. Pakistan sellected a path of terrorism. 70.000 Pakistani soldiers had imprisoned by us after defeating its forces. Our brave army had waved Indian flag on Lahore. Pakistan experienced that its army never win in conventional war. So Pakisan decided to fight in Indian lands in the shape of terrorism.

I had a tremendous headache when I read:Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has demanded a firm commitment from Pakistan against terror. Pakistan always gives firm commitment. Even It signed treaty to forget. Have you doubt in this?

Watch Shariff & Musharraf word-war. Now Pakistan is recruiting Indian Muslim youth for their terrorist strikes. These terrorist strikes are also beyond J & K.

Non-Kashmiris engaged in killings in India are terrorists. “If I had been Prime Minister of Pakistan, (the events of) Sep. 11 would not have happened” – Benazir, Nov 2001

On July 17, 2006 when pointed out that India believed that LeT, which is backed by Pakistan’s ISI, could be involved in the Mumbai blasts, Benazir Bhutto said, “certainly LeT is a militant group…I believe such groups are undermining Pakistan’s integrity…, giving Pakistan a bad name… And endangering Pakistan’s very existence… During my tenure (as the Prime Minister), there were no attacks outside Kashmir”

Our pity PM has demanded a firm commitment from Pakistan against terror. Who is in Pakistan sole responsible authority? Fighting words between Nawaz Shariff and Musharraf show that in Pakistan every wing is a force onto itself to attack India. Shariff said that Musharraf is biggest terrorist in the world. Musharraf said that he did ‘Kargil’ on the instruction of Shariff.

Administrative authority in Pakistan declared in the Karachi court that they have no control on ISI. Benazir said that ISI is a force onto itself, and she had no knowledge of what ISI was doing when she was PM.

Benazir Bhutto has frankly admitted that while in power she had no control over Pakistan’s nuclear program.

“Terrorist groups… seem to have better international cooperation among themselves than the countries… facing the scourge,” Foreign secretary Saran said.

We ourselves are disunite in India.

Why POTA removed? Who are demoralizing police, army of our country when they are fighting against terrorism? Are we punishing such media which are evoking Muslim against Hindus to target Gujarat? Jehadis spread Terrorism in India in the mask of pseudo-secularist, human activist, journalist, NGO. Teesta Sitalwad & Abu Azmi are dancing with terrorism & became NGOs & journalists. Is Anti-Hindu only way to save this country? If yes then why Anti-Hindus wear Hindu dresses and keep Hindu names? Why they are deceiving?

If we can’t find answer of all these then no might to save us from dinosaur of terrorism. Please don’t act drama. If you want to be actor or actress then you have to go Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood or other wood.

India should strongly demand that Pakistan should be declared a terrorist nation immediately on the basis of following facts:

(1) The British put Pakistani organizations openly engaged in terrorism
on their official list of terrorist organizations.
(2) December 1999: George Tenet, Director of CIA and Michael Sheen, State Department Coordinator for Counter Terrorism, Michael Sheen testified before a Senate Sub-Committee that :

US intelligence has sufficient evidence that Pakistan is a state-sponsor of terrorism against India

(3) Non-Kashmiris engaged in killings in India are terrorists. “If I had been Prime Minister of Pakistan, (the events of) Sep. 11 would not have happened” – Benazir Bhutto, November 2001.

(4) American Taliban, John Walker, has admitted to fighting in Kashmir. This could not have happened without the help of ISI, which created and nurtured the Taliban.
Robert Blackwill: US Ambassador to India, Nov. 21, 2001 New Delhi, stated in a press conference for foreign media that “all persons involved in killings in Kashmir were terrorists and that they were no freedom fighters.”
(5) 1948: US Secretary of State Gen. George C. Marshall told the British that Kashmir’s accession with India was legal and final as far as US was concerned. Therefore the lie of “Kashmir being a disputed territory” is very disturbing while it has further emboldened the position of Islamic militants
We should remind the world:

Bangladesh is also a State-Sponsor of Terrorism

The world is also silent about harrowing abuse and ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Bangladesh. Amnesty International has publicized horrible atrocities against Hindu women in Bangladesh, such as gang-rapes in front of their fathers and husbands, resulting in floods of Hindu refugees from that country. Bangladeshi government does nothing beyond denying facts

By Premendra Agrawal

Posted on July 15, 2006; Updated on Feb 23, 2016