Pakistan buried Akbar Bugti?

September 1, 2006 0 By rajesh

Bugti’s followers and family members’ suspicion is fuelled by the reluctance of the Mush Govt to hand over the body of Bugti. Baloch even suspects that buried body might not be Late Akabar Bukti. “They ignored the ‘Om’ tattoo on my son’s hand, declared he was a Muslim and buried him” said BJP MLA D N Kori in May 06. Discuss!


Tribal chief Nawab Akbar Bugti has been buried in Pakistan‘s Balochistan province six days after being killed in a military raid. No relatives were among the handful of people who saw the sealed coffin laid to rest in his home town of Dera Bugti. The only person to see and recognized the body during the funeral was the mullah who performed the ceremony. All unhuman cruelty to crush the sentiments of the family and the whole Baloch community is done in hurry by the Mush army.


Imagine what will be the anger of the deceased leaders’ followers. You can’t calculate sorrowness of the sons, greatsons and other family members.


I recall past incident of May 2006:” “They dragged my son Triloki out of the house and stabbed him to death. Then they ignored the ‘Om’ tattoo on his hand, declared he was a Muslim and buried him. To substantiate their claim, they even circumcised his dead body. All this was done because the officials wanted to prove that only Muslims had been killed in the Aligarh riots. One man even tried to claim my son’s body so that he could get the compensation,” said BJP MLA Devki Nandan Kori, and then broke down in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly


India is a democratic country and free media. So mischief can be rectified in some extend in democratic way. So, buried dead body was digged and handovered to Devkinandanji.


Pakistan is ruled by cruel Fauji dictatorial culprit of ‘kargil’. So, Pakistani army wrote black history on black Friday. The burial took place amid a nationwide strike called by opposition parties to protest Bugti’s killing. Bugti’s son-in-law Agha Shahid Bugti said the family had asked the Government to hand over the tribal leader’s body for burial. “It is inhuman and unacceptable. It is even un-Islamic to bury a person against the will of his family,” he said before the funeral took place.


I recall:”black Friday” film of Anurag Kashyap in the production of Mid-day Multimedia Ltd, is based on S. Hussain Zaidi’s book which has been wrotren on 1993 Bombay Blasts. Find article “Black Friday & Bloody Blasts” at my blog:


Late Nawab Akbar Bugti was a great leader of Baloch. It is great blunder there did not be a public funeral in Quetta as Bugti’s family wished. Bugti’s quiet burial next to the graves of his son and his brother took place against the wishes of the family, who were not among about two dozen people who attended the ceremony. One of Bugti’s sons, Talal, said they were not even asked to identify the decomposed body and queried whether it was that of his father. For the time being tribes could be kept silent to surround them by the troops. But how much time and in what way the situation will be calm?


Deceased followers and family members suspicion is fuelled by the reluctance of the Government to hand over the body of Bugti. They even suspects that buried body might not be Late Akabar Bukti. Suspsion is not without base. As we saw one youth employed in a Muslim contry abroad died. When his family member demanded then after too much delay they sent a body of a dead woman instead of that youth. After making much efforts untimately they found the death body of the dead youth.


Army officials said four more bodies had been retrieved from the rubble. “But they have been in a state beyond recognition. Baloch knew that in the past hundred and hundreds were butchered to the extent that Children were killed and their bodies were not allowed to be buried and hungry dogs were left to feast on them. This was done by the same patriotic army who refused to learn any lesson from East Pakistan departure. Alive people were thrown down from choppers on their villages to set example as a mark of love for the people of Balochistan.


Above mentioned allegation might have truth. Pakistani army and its trained terrorists are habitual for the cruelty. I recall my article “Multilate two brothers”written on June 2006:

Two youths Ram and Rahim are struggling to understand why brutalility has happended in their neighbour village. Lashkar-e-Taiba militants on June 14 night, 2006 killed a man and injured 15 others, chopping off the noses and ears of two of them. As revealed by the Times of India on June 17, 2006: In a gory act of revenge, Laskar terrorists slaughtered a 65-year-old man and chopped off the tongues, noses and ears of two brothers. The terrorists also left 11 others brutally injured in Nehoch-Dunga village of Gulabgarh area of Mahore tehsil in Udhampur district on night of June 14


By Premendra Agrawal