Sonia and Gowda follow astrologers

May 29, 2006 0 By rajesh


Sonia Launches midterm poll bid to follow astrologers


Sonia started campaign from Ray Barely for possible midterm poll. Astrologers indicate for some serious trouble to the government and the possibility of a mid term poll in his 2006. It will begin to look possible anytime from May, more so after September and at any rate in November when Rahu transits into Kumbha.


When one astrologer said to Devgovda in the past again possibility of becoming PM, then again he jumped loudly in the politics. He could succeed to make his party sharable in Karnatak Govt.


God knows what will be happened to Sonia and Rahul.


Sonia Gandhi has begun her bid to return to parliament in her constituency Rae Bareli. Re-election will be held on public money because of her face saving scheme. In silent fashion, the feeling has spread that there could be a mid-term poll in 2006. Why this feeling arose is not difficult now to pinpoint. What indicates ‘bhagambhag’ of Sonia and Rahul towards their constituencies?



As NDA overestimated its achievements and voters expectations and caught itself in its spider (Makdi) jaal of ‘India shining’ slogan. Like that Congress sees its future golden now-‘savan ke andhe ko hara hi hara didhta hai’. Congres and its leader Sonia think that ‘abhi nahen to kabhi nahen’. Thief feels safe to mix himself in runners shouting ‘chor chor chor’. The same act is being played by Congress shouting-  tyag..renounce..sacrifice…


The Congress now appears to be a party in a hurry with the strategy of revival, as the sources put it, centering on the “strike while the iron is hot” assessment. The party is keen to move out of the coalition which it views as an “irksome necessity” and cash in on the goodwill for Sonia before the vote turns away from the party. The Congress is reportedly of the view that “the national mood is in our favor”, and wants to present itself as the alternative, minus the burden of coalition, before time changes public opinion.


Mighty in UPA Sonia is unable to take decision finally. She is facing a situation like a snake, which caught chhachhunder but neither feed nor leave it.


The CPM said it had saved the Congress from another election. The firm and resolute stand taken by the CPM that none of its eight MPs will resign in the wake of the office of profit controversy, stemmed a possible deluge of resignations triggering a political crisis and even a mid-term poll with over 40 MPs under the scanner, it said. Soon after Sonia Gandhi announced her resignation from the Lok Sabha and NAC, the CPM brass hurriedly met to take stock of the situation. The CPM gauged the fallout of such large-scale resignations and communicated to UPA managers of the danger of emerging situation. Sources said the party agreed that Sonia Gandhi’s resignation is a “master stroke” but others need not quit.


With the strong message emanating from 10 janpath, Sonia Gandhi and Congress managers moved fast to stop more from quitting their Parliament membership.


Perhaps Sonia wants to keep ‘laddoo’ sweets in both hands. In her bid for mid term poll Congress wants to take advantage in the going on assembly elections of Assam, W.Bengal, T.N, Pond cherry and Karalla. If Congress saw the air in its favor then it may create the situation for announcing President rule in Jharkhand and Utter Pradesh especially besides other provinces led by BJP or NDA. Rehearsals of it is going on to throw chairs and other material in Jharkhand assembly and noisy sound in Chhattisgarh,  MP and other assemblies. Congress is giving oxygen to its workers by these undemocratic, immoral acts. Congress may seriously take steps to wards a mid-term Lok Sabha election in 2006 between Septembers to the end of December if it succeeds in reviving the party in these states.  In Madhya Pradesh, the Congress is optimistic about benefiting directly from the anti-incumbency factor and Uma’s defection from BJP; which it expects will help it to improve its position in the Lok Sabha elections as well. 


BJP also asked its party men to gear up for mid-term polls for the Lok Sabha as the ”Congress led UPA Government would collapse after the coming Assembly elections in five States”. The days of UPA Government are being counted and it will fall after the Assembly elections in five States,” party leader M Venkaiah Naidu claimed while addressing party workers here at a function


By Premendra Agrawal

H D Deve Gowda, the former prime minister of the country, is back in the news. And again, for wrong reasons.

A 23-year-old man committed suicide after his car collided with Gowda’s car, creating a stir in Bangalore.

Gowda is feeling the heat, though he is not to be blamed directly for the incident.

The question that needs to be answered is why Gowda’s men reacted so sharply to such a minor accident.

Gowda, being highly superstitious, was very upset that the accident took place on the ninth day of the month. Gowda’s astrologers have told him in the past that the ninth day of the month is lucky for him. Sources said he was extremely upset as a result of which his men decided to target Ramesh.

Gowda, however, remained non-committal on the issue and said that he alone knew the truth and would tell all at the right time.

A Janata Dal (S) leader said that accidents happen and none can blame Gowda for it.