Yoga Obama: Modi fasting rest eating: In Shastri’s hand glass of water instead of wine at Tashkent

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Yoga Obama: Modi fasting
rest eating: In Shastri’s hand glass of water instead of wine at Tashkent


While the First Lady has been instrumental in introducing
yoga inside the White House,

Obama appeared to be very impressed by the energy shown by Modi despite
being on fast, when he hosted the latter over a private working dinner in the
Blue Room of the White House. 


“I’m seeing myself shift from weight-bearing stuff—even though
that continues to be important±and the heavy cardio and running, to things like
yoga that will keep me flexible,” First Lady Michelle Obama
told People magazine in an interview hitting
newsstands on her birthday.


They joked about the fact
that the rest were eating and the Prime Minister (Modi) was fasting. The same
happened at Tashkent where Lal Bahadur Shastri took the glass of water instead
of wine in the honour giving party at Tashkent:

at the White House

Barack and Michelle Obama will host a “yoga garden” during their
annual Easter festivities today. The First Couple has long promoted yoga as a
way to stay in shape. But the Times
of India 
reports that not everyone in the U.S. is on board: in
California, parents have brought a law suit against schools that teach yoga,
saying the Indian practice is inherently religious and promotes


Yoga and meditation are the gifts of ancient India. Why whole world
are running towards them. Are taking breadth and doing Suryanamaskar
communalism? Astrology is being adopted since the ancient India. Now every
channel is sounding that and people of all religion, poor to rich and literate
to illiterate follow their guidelines.


Yoga is Hinduism and
Hinduism is Yoga

There are a lot of emails coming with the
title “Yoga has nothing to do with Hindu religion.”  Many Hindus
seem to be upset about that.  As far as I know, and everyone and their
brother knows, Yoga is part of Hindu dharma. It is written all over the
Bhagavad Gita and our Hindu scriptures.  And, Maharishi Patanjali, the
father of Yoga, wrote the book named “Yoga Sutra”, which is the Gita,
or Bible, of Yoga.  The biggest problem with our Hindu community in the
West is that they do not like the Yoga teachers and Hindu Swamis not calling
Yoga, Hindu Yoga.  It upsets them a great deal.

White House embraces Yoga: In India at the time of UPA Got Tax
on Yoga


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